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Intuitive Admin Panel

Edit your website, manage your clients, enter sports picks, accept payments conveniently via PayPal and/or Moneybookers, optimize for the search engines, add YouTube videos, add FAQs, offer advertisements, etc all with zero technical knowledge.

Easy Pick Integration

We will automatically sync any picks you make on Pick Monitor directly to your new turnkey website, which means that you'll never have to manually input or grade a pick! Of course, you can make picks that aren't on Pick Monitor, too, or you can choose to make picks on Pick Monitor that don't show up on your website.

Trend Finder

If enabled, our trend-finder module will automatically list a reason for visitors to purchase each and every one of your picks with truthful betting statistics! eg "I am on 14-6 run in Basketball" or "My 4* picks are hitting at 68%."

Google Analytics Integration

There's no need to create our own analytics software because Google's done it for us. Easily integrate your website with your own Google Analytics account to track pageviews, conversions, etc.

Connect with Facebook

Some visitors get annoyed with having to fill out registration forms for every site they visit. No worries, because these users can sign up with a simple mouse-click through our Facebook Connect integration!

Check Behind the Screen

There is a lot more to a website than meets the eye, and our websites are optimized for the stuff you don't see in addition to the things you do. Not only are our websites beautiful, but they are also lightweight, HTML validated and built for the search engines with clean code and clean URLs.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for launching this website tool. It sounds corny, but it has revolutionized my business..The Contrarian

Website FAQ - If it's not answered here, just ask!

Am I Charged for Pageviews?

The first 25,000 pageviews per month are included. Additional pageviews are $0.001 each and will be billed at the end of the month if applicable.

What Will My Site Look Like?

Right off the bat your site will look exactly like this (except with your own stats). But with your incredibly user friendly admin panel, you can have it looking completely different in a matter of minutes by changing the foreground colors and background colors, adding custom html or YouTube videos, changing the text, etc.

How Do I Get My Site Up and Running?

Once you have a domain name you'll need to add two DNS entries through your domain registrar (eg GoDaddy). It's easier than it sounds and instructions are provided in the admin panel.

Does Pick Monitor Take a Commission?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All sales are 100% yours.

Ready to start winning?

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