Houston Texans 17 vs Carolina Panthers 27

Houston Texans At Carolina Panthers - Preseason - Week 1 - NFL Football - 8/9/17 7:30PM
Wednesday, 8/9
251 Houston Texans
+1 +105
Ov 38 -108
252 Carolina Panthers
-1 -125
Un 38 -102

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sehnsee sehnsee
Carolina Panthers +1 -105
8/9/17 12:41pm Risked 0.5 units to win 0.48
WL%ROIPick Type
2682484.47Football point spread
1569019.34NFL Football
896119.88NFL Football point spread

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Houston Texans Vs Carolina Panthers 8-9-2017 0 views

The spread must be getting hit hard on this for Houston. How can they put +1 at plus money but -105 on the moneyline? That's how you find an edge gentlemen.

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There is a bug in the PM 5 Dimes feed with very small spreads and moneylines where the spread sign gets flipped, as I recall from last season. Hou is +1.5 -107 ATS and +108 ML right now at 5

...but the PM 5 Dimes feed shows Hou as -1.5 -107 ATS and +108 ML:

For whatever reason, the 5D feed at SBR does not have the same bug. It matches in this game. So not sure if PM is using a different feed (most likely), or there is a bug in the PM code.


I don't use 5dimes, but the feed at Vegas Insider also had the line +1. I checked it there before posting to make sure, but their feed must have been wrong too, and maybe it's the same one PM uses. I was able to get Carolina at PK here in Reno, when everyone else had at -1. But I had a feeling it could be a bug here.


Yeah, it's a pretty bizarre bug in that the money line is accurate, but spreads of 1 or 1.5 often have the sign flipped. Once the spread gets to 2, it looks fine. I wish we could get Pinny lines back, but I think that ship has sailed.


BTW, what the sports betting like in Reno? Is everything avail. via app, or do you have to go to the counter?


I use the apps now, never go to the counter unless to withdraw or deposit. Having 4 books at the palm of my hand, while line shopping in real time is so much better than going in. And you could have more books than that now, I use 4 books, but almost all of the casinos have the app now.


yeah until you get to Baseball and Hockey. I have a baseball book that has -104 lines fro baseball, and two books that have -105 on Hockey. So if Hockey and Baseball are your thing, your are good to go on the reduced juice. -110 doesn't bother me on NFL and Basket ball spreads, it' doable. 3 way lines on soccer are atrocious, but the choices are pretty good now, they have ton of soccer leagues now, Brazil, swiss, russian, and many of the smaller leagues, you run into low limits on them though. I only bet between 100-200 tops and mine always get approved at William Hill, the other books have higher limits on them though. Atlantis and Westgate neve have needed aproval yet, but I aslo don't bet 3way as the juice is way too high. I like to bet the 2 way lines cause then at least I'm getting the -110 lines, only Westgate and William Hill have them of the books I use, but only on the big Euro leagues. Atlantis sometimes has the 2 way lines.


Also I'll add with the app you're not restricted to just the books, in Reno. You can go to Vegas and sign up for their apps too, and place all your bets from the comfort of your own home. I have a Westgate app that I can use here and make bets, I just have to make my way down to Vegas if I want to deposit or with drawl. Westgate is by far the best book all around, they have the biggest selection though it may be close with William Hill who also has a huge selection, but Westgate had the highest limit. The App limits are lower that of going in though. Most App limits are $500, but you just have to wait for approval. But with like 12 independent books in Nevada, one could easily spread it around with max bets at different Casinos if betting the popular stuff like the big 4 or NCAA. Plus many of them comp you the same as if you were playing slots or table games. When you are at home betting its easy to let these comps add up and go out for some really nice dinners, or even clothes shopping at some of the Casinos.


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