Indianapolis Colts 20 vs Houston Texans 14

Indianapolis Colts At Houston Texans - NFL Football - 11/5/17 1:00PM
Sunday, 11/5
461 Indianapolis Colts
+6 -109
Ov 45 -104
462 Houston Texans
-6 -101
Un 45 -106

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Roswell Roswell
Indianapolis Colts +6 -109
11/5/17 12:25pm Risked 1 unit to win 0.92
WL%ROIPick Type
113115-3.22Football point spread
26217.34NFL Football
201414.16NFL Football point spread

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goldendd goldendd
Indianapolis Colts +6 -109
11/5/17 12:53pm Risked 5 units to win 4.59
WL%ROIPick Type
1037612.17Football point spread
33275.45NFL Football
17147.31NFL Football point spread

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Indianapolis Colts Vs Houston Texans 11-5-2017 0 views

This line (Ind +13.5) is no good. 5 Dimes took the game down an hour ago. Any picks made after 5pm should be removed.


Your screenshot shows the adjusted line of +7.5 -132, not +13.5. No one had anything close to +13.5 listed after the news.


I got an email and hit it here first. BetPhoenix/Bovada/ may pay out, they may not. I haven't bet at 5Dimes in years. They steal credit card info...


Dude, no one had +13.5 an hour after the news when you picked off the +13.5 and +525 here. You of all people should know there is a bit of an honor system here with regard to not picking off stale lines -- either due to incorrect start times or obvious feed errors/delays.


Well, for a guy who frequently calls out past-posters here as "cheaters," that's a pretty bizarre stance. You did essentially the same thing by taking advantage of an obvious 5 Dimes feed error. Show us a ticket with +13.5 made at a real sportsbook at 6pm.


I'm not going to right click, save , paste, etc. The line may not have been out at 5Dimes. I dunno. +13.5 was out. Your disbelief proves that you only mess with a handful of books. I don't even know why I'm arguing lines I hit at other books with someone who doesn't know which books usually honor soft posted lines. I will continue to hammer soft lines until I get kicked out of every online sportsbook and every local bookie. No biggie. Bookmaker has kept me around for over a decade. Nitrogen for 3+ years. Michael will most likely delete my pick. I get it. Fair is fair. It will happen again and again. I don't wager at 5D.

Show me a hit over $25K. Show me a hit today over $1K. I throw $5K-$10K on the board daily. I have no time to bicker with you. I got the line. Just not at Nitro. Nitro is Uber easy to post betslips tho. I pick winners. I hammer soft lines. My clients and I get paid. If you play at 5Dimes, I'm a "cheater". I get it. I'm a cheater with a couple of +13.5 tickets, though...🤷🏽‍♂️


Huh? Neither of those tickets even has this game in it.

Obviously, no book had +13.5 at 6pm. Why do you think I posted about it? You took a shot here by placing a max bet on the side and ML when you knew the line had changed to 7/7.5 everywhere. Just own it.

Post hidden due to low quality. Show it.

No book had +13.5 after 5pm. Period. Not Pinny, not Heritage, not Bookmaker, not Bovada, Nitro, 5D, BetPhoenix, BOL. Most had the game off the board; BM and BOL had +7. You're just making a fool of yourself now. There really is nothing worse than a cheater who constantly accuses others of cheating.

Post hidden due to low quality. Show it.

Alright here is how we will handle this.

All picks made after the official news release on the website will be voided (until the line was back to normal) which is 5:10 PM on November 2.

I would like to remember that Pick Monitor's goal is to reflect the reality of handicapping, not exploiting delay between Pick Monitor and 5 the odd feed. I'm not accusing anyone of doing it on purpose, but it is obvious that after the news broke out there was an overwhelming amount of picks on the +13.5 / Moneyline.

I will make sure to remove those picks today to give you the opportunity to place a pick before game time.

If you have any questions, you can discuss it here or send me a PM / email.

Thank you for your understanding.


Good resolution. As a side note, man that parlay must have been fun to sweat! Hit everything over a 2 month span... then gotta wait another month for Jon Jones.


@Michael, my parlay linked below. @FootballGreat, I make 10 teamers daily. Initially, I got anxious, but after you wait the 2 months for your first open parlay, the rest of them start to overlap.

Plus, your two month open parlay can go from a payout of $15K to a payout of $30K if you use Bitcoin! Gotta love deflationary currency!


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