Chicago White Sox 9 vs New York Yankees 6

Chicago White Sox At New York Yankees - MLB Baseball - 4/12/19 7:05PM
Friday, 4/12
963 Chicago White Sox
+1.5 -105
Ov 9.5 -110
964 New York Yankees
-1.5 -105
Un 9.5 +100

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sportsanalyst19 sportsanalyst19
OVER 9.5 -115
4/12/19 12:35pm Risked 5.2 units to win 4.52
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80778.33MLB Baseball
483116.76MLB Baseball over/under

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Sportsbook Sportsbook
Chicago White Sox +185
4/12/19 5:18pm Risked 1 unit to win 1.85
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222419.85MLB Baseball
222419.85MLB Baseball moneyline

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Chicago White Sox Vs New York Yankees 4-12-2019 0 views

This game not graded right. People had White Sox moneyline being credited. Run line showing push. Please fix. Thanks.

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Game is graded correctly. Any game playing less than 9 innings (8.5 if home team wins) results in a push for total and run line bets. Money line bets are paid if 5 innings are completed (4.5 if home team is winning). Rules are the same at all sportsbooks.

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For run line and total bets, the score doesn't matter if the game doesn't go 9 innings. All bets push. For money line bets, the score reverts back to the last completed inning. So the score was 7-6 at the end of the 6th. The top of the 7th never happened because the 7th inning wasn't completed.


I didn't know thats how it worked. Thats helpful, I don't bet a lot of baseball but at some point its gonna save me frustration knowing how it works, thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Fixing some old games results thanks to StatsAnalytics (didn't have the tool at that time to easily void segments of picks)

Totals and runlines canceled, didn't go over 8.5 innings.


Well if you're correcting baseball games from earlier this year, how about these:

5/18/19 - St Louis vs Texas. Chavez scratched by Texas. Overnight line down at 5/17/19 8:15pm Pacific.

5/14/19 - Angels vs Minnesota. Pena scratched by Angels. Overnight line down at 5/14/19 12:51am Pacific.

4/27/19 - Angels vs Kansas City. Barria scratched by Angels. Line down at 1:09pm, 3 hours before game.

4/25/19 - Texas vs Seattle. Sampson scratched by Texas. Overnight line down 4/24/19 5:00pm Pacific.

4/24/19 - Texas vs Oakland. Smyly scratched by Texas. Overnight line down 4/24/19 3:42am Pacific.

4/24/19 - Yankees vs Angels. Pena scratched by Angels. Line down at 3:03pm Pacific, 4 hours before game.


Thanks Eppley, Will def do it today. Don't wait when you see some! Click the report grading error button and I usually get it down within 24h.

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We shouldn't be manually correcting cherry-picked games from four months ago. To be fair, either all old games should get audited for pitching changes and rain shortenings or none.

Edited 8/29/19 at 5:10PM by evo34 -

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Post hidden due to low quality. Show it.

Eppley -- are you still trying to sell your steam plays?

I'm simply saying that we cannot selectively go back and void only certain picks that only benefit certain users.

Not surprised that a chronic steam player is trying to boost his perf. with this type of stuff. lol. I'd just thought you'd be more subtle about it, tbh.


So basically, you think you should be entitled to freeroll the system by retroactively voiding all pitching change games that you lost and letting the ones you won stand?

That's remarkable.


evo who exactly are you arguing with. Grade all games correctly. It doesn't matter if I bet on them or not. Nobody has ever said anything different.

It's amazing you get 2 upvotes on your posts about 60 seconds after you post. And 3 downvotes (yours and 2 more) on any post you don't like. How many accounts do you have? You spend countless hours accusing others of having multiple accounts, yet you probably have more than anyone. Then of course you accuse anyone with a long-term winning record of cheating because if the great evo can't win, well certainly nobody else is capable of doing it. So it's cheating by asking for all games to be graded correctly? Well you're onto me, that's my secret! If I get all the games graded correctly, then I have a winning record! There's a saying about people accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

For new users, just read old posts going back years and you'll find evo does this all the time. He attacks winners and tries chasing them off. He's been successful at it because nobody wants to engage in a twitter-like war in the forum.

I'm done too. No reason to engage this fool anymore. My record and previous posts of advice and analysis speak for themselves. I'll leave the forum for evo and his followers who I'm sure all have the same IP address.

Best of luck.


Why don't you look for all games that had pitching changes instead of just the ones that you lost? Optional reporting of pitching changes is not fair to anyone, esp with someone trying to report his losses only.

I could try to dig up all my pitching change losses from the last few years as well, but I don't, because it's inherently unfair to cherry pick which games get voided -- and, frankly, I'm not that desperate to inflate my baseball record.

And, yes, fairness is what I care about. People should indeed go back into my posts and see all the cheaters that I outed. I proved every single case and helped keep the site clean of fraud. I have never accused legit winners of fraud. CashMagician, Custom2006, ATSBetCode, The Contrarian, Boogie, Computer Generated Picks, hobbs, quantumsports -- among others -- all crushed here for a long time. All are good dudes and none of them cheated by past posting or taking advantage of feed delays. I simply did my part from time to time to out the cheating scum that tried to devalue their tremendous accomplishments, and by extension devalue the site itself.

The vast majority of your basketball plays last season were steam plays taking advantage of the long 5D feed delay here. (Line would change at Pinny, then you'd hit a stale 5D line here 10-20 sec later). That's why you're not considered a legitimate talent here as much as you are a loophole exploiter. Now that you're in need of finding new tricks to pad your ROI since we got the Pinny feed running, I guess you've decided to see if you can get away with voiding all your old losing pitching change games while staying quiet about the illegitimate winners.

You're damn right I'm going to push back against this type of self-serving behavior. Just like I always have.


Ok, damn shame I have to defend myself against discredited false allegations, but apparently evo is allowed to throw whatever he wants against the wall and hope something sticks.

First, the pitching changes. I have every listed pitcher and actual pitcher for every MLB game for at least the last 10 years. Pitching changes being graded No Action on Pickmonitor started being consistent in early June 2019. Most of the pitching corrections entered where entered by me, regardless of whether it was a win or loss or if I bet the game at all. Now keep in mind I didn't start this thread. Michael revived it when he corrected an earlier game played before June. Notice evo had no problem with that game being corrected. So I responded with a list of other pitching changes in April and May. Those are all the pitching changes that happened that were graded incorrectly. There are no pitching changes in games in April or May in which my bet won. For the record, there are 94 games in 2017-2018 that are graded wrong on Pickmonitor. I had a bet in 61 of those games with a record of 19-41-1. All of this is explained in my bio, which is why I keep a public spreadsheet of all my baseball bets for anyone to check daily.

Other winners you mentioned. Of that list, only Hobbs and Custom have a large enough sample size to qualify as long-term winners. CashMagician had a lucky first 3 months, then made 20 units the next 4 years. ATSbetcode quit in less than 2 years while he was ahead. The Contrarian had a lucky first 3 months winning 62 units, then won 26 units the next 6 years. Computer Generated Picks won 237 units in first 6 months, then lost -47 units the next 5 years. Quantum lasted 12 months and quit while ahead. So if you think these guys were "crushing for a long time," you have no idea how to identify a long-term winner.

And for your tired old accusation about line movement, why don't you explain how well your accusation went behind the scenes with Michael? Should I copy and paste the emails? Just to remind everyone, there are time stamps on all our picks entered on here. There are also time stamps on every line move on here. Then there are time stamps on every line move at every major book provided on SBR. Then there's actual real bets made at real books with real money. Michael asked evo to provide 1 example of his BS claim. Just one game evo? Nope he couldn't do it. Michael offered Evo my personal bet slips of any game he listed. Nope he couldn't provide one game. Evo was asked again to provide any example at all of his accusation. Nope nothing. But here he is a year later running his mouth again about the same old discredited crap. And I'm forced to defend myself against nonsense because Evo thinks if he says the same things over and over again, then eventually people will think it must be true.

And just to show that it's not just baseball or pitchers or basketball, it's anything Evo can do to try and personally attack me. Here's a soccer game I asked to be graded and Evo downvotes it right away so it disappears from the forum.

Burnley Vs Wolverhampton Wanderers 8-24-2019 0 views


Final score was 1-1. Match was played 8/25. Can we get this graded.



evo what exactly did you find wrong with this post? It asks for a game to be graded with the correct score. Do you disagree?



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