Gennady Golovkin 4 vs Steve Rolls 0

Gennady Golovkin vs Steve Rolls - Boxing Fighting - 6/8/19 11:00PM
Saturday, 6/8
1401 Gennady Golovkin
Ov 4.5 -120
1402 Steve Rolls
Un 4.5 +103

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Gennady Golovkin Vs Steve Rolls 6-8-2019 0 views

GGG has got this one in the bag.There are levels to boxing and GGG is way ahead of Rolls. The only thing that makes me think GGG holds back is because his new trainer would want him to get some rounds in. At first glance id say take the under 4.5 then bet round 5 and 6 KO as singles.


Not saying that GGG will lose, but after Joshua losing as a +-23 to 1 favorite last weekend, it reminds us that everything can happen in Boxing.

As for the under, I'd like to give a different perspective. GGG just turned 37, he just went at it for 24 rounds vs Canelo. Does he really have it in him to grind it back up?

Also, Steve Rolls is a young dog, never lost and he's coming with the opportunity of his life. He will most likely be outclassed / KOed, but will it be under 4.5? I don't think so.

Just wanted to give a different perspective.


Joshuas style played right into Ruiz hands. Its hard to see a punch coming from a man whose almost 5 inches shorter and alot faster than you are. I don't see GGG having to grind this win it will be a nice 2-3 punch combination that ends it. There are levels to this game. Rolls is undefeated but against whom?

Style wise Rolls holds his left hand so high he blinds himself from a right hook.(GGGs best punch which he kind of corkscrews) . In order to matchup well with GGG you have to have good head movement and excellent footwork to establish position for the counter. Rolls can't do either of those things. Hes not the most athletic guy and there is nothing to his style that is on GGG level. The only worry i have here is Jonathan Banks. Quite honestly i felt that was the worst trainer GGG couldve gotten. Banks is a terrible trainer. Yeah he's a Manny Steward protege but Banks had 0 answers for Klit during the Fury fight and had no clue what to do against Joshua. No sense of urgency with Banks and he doesn't teach you anything new. Rolls though is just not on GGG level. GGG is an A level fighter, Rolls is C- at best.


Don't get me wrong,

I don't think there's a world that GGG can lose, but would I take the under? I think I'd hold my money not sure I see clear value in this bout.

But, good luck really hope to see a good 1st round KO from the man. IMO he got robbed twice vs Canelo, really hope he gets his revenge.


Rolls would have to KO GGG to win the fight something that is near impossible as GGG can take a hit from a sledgehammer. Idk if he got robbed vs Canelo twice. The first one was closer than the 2nd IMO. The judging was terrible though regardless of the winner. Ive seen the cards and some rounds that GGG won were sketchy. But some of the rounds they gave to Canelo were just as sketch. I always score fights and actually had the 1st fight 117-111 Canelo. Boxing is a hard sport to judge it all depends on the judge and what they prefer.


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