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Pending Phoenix...

Had a top play on Phoenix today. Thought I'd share a system that was backing it:

Since 1995, Road favorites, -10 or smaller, off of 3+ straight games where they put up >105 points now off of very little rest are an incredibly massive 179-99-7 (64.4%) ATS.

Excellent system to keep in your back pocket.

Go Suns!

Suns won. Next play up for this one is OKC Thunder -4.5 on the road against Phoenix of all teams. Any thoughts on OKC -4.5 guys?
Seems like a no brainer PCG. Fresh off a 2 hour flight from Denver, the Suns will probably start sluggish
def not sluggish. 14-2 Suns to start off and very low scoring game first half. PHX +5 seems like it may hold.
Turning around now, looks like the adrenaline got them through the first half and now the sluggishness is kicking in. I wonder what the winning percentage is on the first half covering with teams with no rest?

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they got the W but what I couldn't believe is the low 1Q, followed by the game covering on the O 217.5 lol

OKC are my boyz and I'm huge RW fan but liked the Suns at home +7 w/ Thunder bringing the W streak. Gets harder and harder to grow it.

Nice call mathkid and congrats on your win. Over the course of a long period of time, that system should come out in the black. Can come back in a year or two to this thread and see where the system stands.

you are the stat guy I don't dispute your system(s) at all.

I just watch a lot of basketball and tennis. have the plus tennis pkg so get games on demand which is pretty cool

ps... how is the weather model system going?


My business you mean? Going well as usual.

I like this forum because I'm honestly not a huge sports fan...especially basketball. You make good intuitive calls from what I've seen mk. I always am listening to what you have to say.


I have a quick question for you for tonight.

First two NBA games out of 3 (these 2... are taking place in cold weather. You told me the inside arena means little so I wanted to ask you about

the weather and how this may/may not pertain to the first two NBA games tonight.


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