2020 April Madness Bracket Giveaway 100 views

I have been constructing a sports simulation software during this hiatus in gambling. I have decided to run a April Madness giveaway to pass the time. I will run the simulation for each game and record the outcome. The bracket that I have decided to use for this simulation is listed below. Starting April 1st I will simulate part of the bracket each day until a winner prevails. The person with the most correct picks will win a free month subscription to my picks as well as $50 sent via venmo or paypal. All brackets must be submitted by April 1st at 11am est to be eligible. Send all brackets to [email protected] Good luck and hope to see alot of participation in this.


I like the concept here. Great way to pass the time but also makes me sad that March Madness didnt happen this year. Are you gonna do round 1 in a day then round 2 then sweet 16... or what? Also is it based off total games picked right or a point system based off each round being worth more?


I will be simulating a region per day. So Gonzagas 1 through 16 seed region one day and then Balyors 1 through 16 seeds another day all the way till the final four where i will then do one final four game one day and the other final four game the next day. Points will be as follows: 1pt for play in games correct, 1pt for 1st round games correct, 2pts for second round games, 4pts for sweet 16, 8 pts for elite 8, 16 for final 4 and then 32 for picking the correct champion. The Play-in games will all be done on April 1st. Include the winners of the playin games in the email when you send your bracket.

Let me know if you or anyone else has any questions


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