Deontay Wilder 0 vs Tyson Fury 11

Heavyweight 12 Rounds - T-Mobile Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Boxing Fighting - 10/9/21 10:00PM
Saturday, 10/9
501 Deontay Wilder
Ov 7.5 -140
502 Tyson Fury
Un 7.5 +125

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Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury 10-9-2021 0 views

I haven't really paid much attention to boxing since Tyson was in his prime. The last boxing match I actually paid to watch was Mayweather Vs McGregor, and only watched that one because it was the most I've ever gambled on a single event. It was pretty cool, I watched it live in movie theater, first for that too.

Ever since the UFC came along boxing does almost nothing for me, and the few boxing matches I have watched are very boring compared to the UFC. The UFC was everything I wished boxing could be. I still remember watching the first UFC when I was in highschool.

I don't know any of the boxer's names these days, but did catch a special the other night about these two boxers that are fighting this fight. Their fights actually looked exciting. I know these specials are edited and hyped, but they still looked better than what I'd normally expect from a boxing match. Two tall, oddly shaped lengthy dudes. Those are the types that don't knock out, and will fight till they're burger.

From the looks of the first fight, at least from what I saw , it looked like a W was stolen from Fury. He out boxed Wilder in 9 of the rounds which should mean a W if it goes the distance. Wilder did get that one round where he owned Fury though; and how Fury survived that knock out punch that put him on his back is beyond me. I believe the judges scored it a draw because of that knock down even though Fury won almost every round of the fight.

The second fight was more of a reality check. Fury more technical, and more talented won the fight. A big part of that was him not show boating in the late rounds like he did in the first fight.

So that brings us to part 3. Wilder has the strength to land that one punch, but Fury has the jaw and the skill to win it. As long as Fury sticks to a game plan I don't see him losing. The judges are going to want to be convinced though. Nothing says money, like a part 4, so if Fury wants to win he has to make it clear that he won, anything close might go to Wilder.

I'm still not sure where to bet this fight. Where does the pickmonitor community stand? For me I'm leaning Fury. It seems like the smart play. But the part of me that likes to entertain conspiracy theories, is saying back Wilder, then back fury in part 4, because that's where the money is, and what is needed to revive a dying sport like boxing.

I do respect the pick monitor community. When I look at consensuses on games I consider the pick monitor consensus sharper than any other forum. So what are are you guys on? What are your opinions of this fight?


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Fury is far and away the better boxer. The last fight was a clinic and complete domination by Fury. Every single aspect of that last fight was Fury teaching Wilder the difference between boxing and slugging.

At the current odds I wont be making a bet. I just don't like these long layoffs and who knows how training has been with Covid over the last 1.5 years. Fury should out point him and beat him up again....... but Wilder always has the power in his back pocket.

Wilder to win by KO is the bet I was thinking about and most books have that line sitting somewhere between +270 -+300. I think the best bet at the moment is the over 7.5 @-122

Maybe if Wilder by KO gets up around +350/375 I would sprinkle a little on that for fun. I just don't like the current odds enough to wager on this fight.


Based on watching the other fights in full now, I'm leaning to bet on Fury, the main thing that has me worried is what you said, Wilder has knock out power, if he gets lucky and lands one of those. The other thing that has me worried is that if it's remotely close they will give it to Wilder, so they can milk a part 4 out of this. Over 7.5 looks good too.


It's amazing to me how some people have been convinced that Wilder is going to be a changed fighter for this fight. But then again some people can be convinced of anything if its said the right way. Anyways with all the excuses Wilder made I really don't see how anything would change if he does not recognize why he lost. He lost because he has been protected his entire career. Even the first Fury fight was somewhat of a cherry pick.Fury was coming off massive weight gain,depression,etc and I believe Fury won the first fight but judging is always subjective. Which brings me to my next point about Wilders power. Hes got power but in one hand only and thats the right. He can't box and with the training sessions him and Malik have had it seems Wilder finally understands that he needs to learn to box in order to hang with Fury but you can't learn how to box at this level in one year. Classic case of learning too late. There is not one heavyweight in the top 6 or 7 of that division that I think Wilder can beat. That 2nd fight was a culmination of a true fighting man taking on a protected fighter who thinks they are better than what they actually are. The way we are trending this fight will only get worse for Wilder.

1. The sacking of Mark Breland. Breland is one of the best trainers in the game and a very great amateur trainer. He can teach you how to box properly but Wilder chose to never learn from him. Now he wants to learn from Malik Scott. He's listening but Malik is a yes man. Ive seen some training videos where mistakes are not being called out its just a constant hype machine. Wilder interprets that as love. Love is a man saving you from being killed like Breland did. Idk if Malik will have the same fortitude to save Wilder and that concerns me. Have they made plans for when things get rough or is the delusional Wilder so convinced that Fury cheated and theres no way he can lose?

2. Mental weakness. I recall a few podcasters who were contacted by Wilders people to take down certain videos that were talking about Wilders loss and why he lost. Wilder is still insecure about the fight and if he can't get over it thats not good.

3. Wilder just isnt very good and has terrible training habits. I commend Wilder for getting this far and for the bronze medal. But still he is just not very good. Theres always a big difference between guys who have fought their whole life and guys who get a late start. Late starters usually have no intangibles to fall back to when things get rough.

4. Blaming everyone else. Whats going to happen when Wilder gets punched again by Fury and gets hurt? Is he immediately going to ask the ref to check Furys gloves? I really believe that Wilder took this fight to not seem scared. Reminds me of a kid who talks a bunch of smack to his friends and they setup a fight against another kid and that 2nd kid is a bad dude but kid 1 didnt want to seem like a punk to his buddies so he accepts then the moment comes and its ohh shit wtf did i just do im not ready. DW speaks of having a violent mindset and is talking a big game but that 1st press conference where he didnt talk and just had his headphones on really cemented my thoughts that he is kid 1 in this situation.


I had Wilder winning some of those early rounds and had him up at least one round after the 5th. I thought Wilder looked better this time out but Fury is just a better boxer. Wilder gassed again and Fury took over. I think this was the best fight in the trilogy.


Wilder did win round 1 but then abandoned that gameplan of jabbing to the body. I had an inclination that that is what Malik wanted but DW wouldnt be able to keep that up too long. Fury had a great gameplan with SugarHill and he is the better fighter of the two but he is not the most gifted. Wilder did show another level of determination in this one when he knocked Fury down. I can tell you that Wilder never did any running/roadwork prior to this fight and that is probably what kills his stamina. Hes not very well conditioned and never had to keep a big guy off him he would just KO them as soon as they stepped in like Breazele. Good fight from Wilder quite possibly one of the best PPV fights in a long time and was well worth every penny.


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