Philadelphia Eagles 6 vs Washington Redskins 31

Philadelphia Eagles At Washington Redskins - NFL Football - 11/18/12 1:00PM
Sunday, 11/18
411 Philadelphia Eagles
+3.5 -109
Ov 45.5 -102
412 Washington Redskins
-3.5 -101
Un 45.5 -108

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Philadelphia Eagles Vs Washington Redskins 11-18-2012 0 views

Ahhh the first game on the 1st.

I understand why this number is where it is with the hook. The hook scares me a bit casue I have very little trust in either defense.

Philly fans get a taste of what they want or possible nto with Nick Foles the legend of the backup qb you all know how it goes. He has weapons in Celek over the middle and burners Jackson and Maclin on the outside. Unforunately I don't think he will have him for them to run there routes as that offensive line truely lives up to it's name offensive... Shady well will the real shady mccoy please stand up ? I haven't seen him this year and wouldn't make any plans to either.

RG III the toast of the town or yesterdays news ? Well 3-6 is 3-6. I will say most of him is positive but have seen some instances where he has looked like the rookie he is... today on the other hand he will be facing arguable the worst defense overe the last 6 weeks. Namdi is non existent Rogers-Cromartie well he is playing like two different people on two different plays at times and seeing alot of name cahsing down players this season.

Two bad defenses but I will take Washington as the less of two evils.

I will take RG III as long as his receivers can catch atleast 50% of the balls in thier hands.. they will most likely drop the other 50% still. 50/50 would be an improvement.

Don't like the hook....

IF you can get it at 3 take the skins

I am on the Skins and bought off the hook as well. This is more of a play against Philly then anything else. They have a lot more wrong then just a QB.
I too am on Washington-3. Glad to see both of you like Washington as i respect you both. I agree with Parker it is a play against team. I say bet against them in most situations until you lose. I have been doing this for the past 2 weeks. GL to both of you. JW
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