Carolina Panthers 21 vs Kansas City Chiefs 27

Carolina Panthers At Kansas City Chiefs - NFL Football - 12/2/12 1:00PM
Sunday, 12/2
347 Carolina Panthers
-5 -105
Ov 41 -108
348 Kansas City Chiefs
+5 -105
Un 41 -102

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Carolina Panthers Vs Kansas City Chiefs 12-2-2012 0 views

With the murder/suicide at hometown just before this game, how do you think it will impact the outcome? I was leaning chiefs prior to the news, so do you think the team will rally and play a great game? Or do you think they will be so distraught that their mind wont be in the game and they let it get away from them? Tough call, I'm thinking.
That is the major reason I wouldn't even think of playing that game noone psychiatrist, psycologist, social workers NOONE can predict peoples reaction to tragedy.
I'm surprised the game is still on. I understand its a business and owners only care about making money, but the team is more like a family than just co-workers. If I were the team captain, I would just flat out tell the coach that the team isn't playing today. I doubt any of them would get sanctions for it, it would be very bad press.
Carolina gets up early and hangs on if you didn't get 4 or 4.5 then don't play it
It's always painful to hear the news when a 25 year old that makes money..takes not only his life but his girlfriends life as well. Something tragic must have happened for this kid to do something so horrific. The worst part about it is that he leaves a three year old daughter behind but I guess we can all be grateful that he didn't take her life as well. I was leaning KC as J-Stewart is out and D-Williams has lost a step. I actually think this game should be postponed and send the message that life and death are far more important than football. Maybe push the game out and start a charity for the daughter as she now has to live life with out either parent at such a young age. If this tragedy didn't take place I think a lot of people would be on the Panthers as they are showing more life and Cam is playing better as of late. KC can come out the gate fired up with positive energy in honor of their teammate. I don't think the best doctors in the world can decipher what mind frame either team will bring to the table. That said, out of respect.. I think it's best to lay off and hope for the best for both teams today. Good luck if you are on either side. ~King-Dezzy

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I agree with you Rattlesnakeboys if I work all week long with someone then compete with him by my side,. And suddenly he is dead and no longer beside me when it's time to compete out of respect for him as my family away from family .I simply would not play.

Didn't care about his life let alone his teammates. Bottomline is a murder who killed his life partner and obivously his relationships with his family leaving a young daughter parentless... Then shoots himself...

Fuck him good ridence....

I played the Houston Rockets tragedy a few days back when the coachs daughter died, though. In that situation, I had a feeling they would come out and play big. And they did. This is a totally different situation, though. There is nothing to really *rally* for. I disagree that you cant predict the human response to tragedy. You are human, so I'm sure you've been in a similar situation before that you can recall how you and others reacted. I dont have to be right about this all the time, just 53% of the time. I'm thinking Carolina -5.5 might still be good... talk me out of it guys.
I think it will come down to one player. One player will either get the whole team pumped or the whole team bummed, Whover take control of the situation will sway the other player who are some what lost and don't know what they should do

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