New England Patriots 30 vs Atlanta Falcons 23

New England Patriots At Atlanta Falcons - Week 4 - NFL Football - 9/29/13 8:30PM
Sunday, 9/29
223 New England Patriots
+2.5 +112
Ov 49 -105
224 Atlanta Falcons
-2.5 -122
Un 49 -105

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New England Patriots Vs Atlanta Falcons 9-29-2013 0 views

Thank you very much to the odds makers in advance. Atlanta is the best bet of the year IMO. I could go on and on but I'll just give you the square line that people are giving me around here... The Pats are 3-0 and defense has looked good. Brady is getting better with Tomkins last week he caught 2 td's, the running game, Grink might be back....

I simply sit back like the Dos Equis man and say... I don't always bet 5 units but when I is as strong as Matty Ice's home record in the dome....


Yea im rolling with atlanta but its not the strongest play of the week. A banged up falcons side albeit at home against a team that gets it going with atlanta but not hugely confident

and you shouldn't be, especially with a comment of put the mortgage on it on here lol

Patriots are 6 - 0 the last 6 4th Week of the season, Brady has never lost to the Falcons, The Falcons have lost 7 of their last 8 football games overall going back to a winless pre season and barely got by St Louis as that only win in that span and you want to tell people to put their mortgage on it? I know they call that an 'expression' i guess, but holy shit, not suggested to fade Belicek at any point of the season with any team Tom Brady plays for but uh, do what you have to do i guess!?!

Oh and Throw in Jackson is out, White and Jones are both so banged up they can barely practice and all 3 could be out or barely effective at all? Ugh!

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I agree fully with Palooza...with all the injuries to ATL, I don't see how they will win this game. I think I will send the mortgage payment to the mortgage company and pass on this one. But good luck with that. However, I did pick ATL in the contest before I knew about the injuries. I may see if I can change that one.
I too agree with Palooza. This banged up Atlanta squad is not the same team that has been so dominant at home in the past few years. Belichick should never be underestimated when it comes to taking advantage of any match-up weaknesses and I believe he will have a game plan to dismantle the Atlanta Falcons and win big in this situation where the oddsmakers have dealt out a small point spread to the public knowing the majority of people will play the Atlanta home history card and jump all over the Falcons.

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Statdude was being a little tongue in cheek, but that's because he's been around here a while and knows that Eloozhun doesn't make big plays often, and over the span of the last 2 years has hit 83% of them.
Knowing Eloozhun he certainly do not take these plays lightly. He is 21-4 all time with $500 plays. I know that he gave me a 4 steamer in week too that paid very well. Naturally I bet the games straight up also added risk but great reward. If he's got $100 on a game its a winner if has 5k then I'm in for my limit too!. Arguably the best information along capper I know!

Note to NBC ...

Don't, ya know, let Mr Blount have, ya know, a microphone in his, ya know, mouth, because ya know, he doesn't really know how to, ya know, articulate himself, ya know, because, ya know, he is not, ya know, exactly fluent in, ya know, English! ya know?!?!?!

The funny thing about this game is the books made a killing, an absolute killing on people playing the Atlanta home card and discarding all the cold hard facts about the major roster issues surrounding the Falcons team right now.
My book didn't make any kind of killing on this guy my friend, I think we knew what was happening here, and if Vegas wants to make a team favoured again who has won 1 football game since the beginning of August? Let the suckers in the world not know what to do.... Won't be me!!
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