New York Jets 30 vs Atlanta Falcons 28

New York Jets At Atlanta Falcons - Week 5 - NFL Football - 10/7/13 8:40PM
Monday, 10/7
437 New York Jets
+10 -110
Ov 45 -105
438 Atlanta Falcons
-10 +100
Un 45 -105

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New York Jets Vs Atlanta Falcons 10-7-2013 0 views

Unlike last week's prime time game when the Patriots visited and manhandled the Falcons in their own backyard... this week will be a completely different story. The Jets are not a good football team, far from it, and even if their defense can slow the Falcons down for a little while, they will fold like a cheap shirt like they always do. If you really want to put your mortgage on a game, which is silly in itself, then this is the game to do it. Falcons will be all over the Jets like flies on dung. Falcons by 14+ easy. FYI, I do not track my NFL picks on Pick Monitor, but I do bet personally.

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This is the worst type of write-up.

No substance, very amateurish, and makes the author appear like someone who is desperate for attention.

Glad I was able to get my point across semantically to the very same individuals that gave me a thumbs down.

Good luck today everyone!

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I apologize to those that usually enjoy my material and having to put you through my initial thread post. The following is the actual write-up I have provided my people and what you are used to:

The National Football League will conclude its Week 5 schedule this Monday night, October 7, 2013, with the offensively challenged New York Jets (2 - 2) visiting the under achieving Atlanta Falcons (1 - 3) within the confines of the 21 year old Georgia Dome.

The Falcons have been unstoppable at home posting a 34 - 8 record in the Matt Ryan era since 2008 and topping their opponents by an average of 9.3 points per win over this stretch. In fact, in 80% of the cases where the Falcons have lost outright to an opponent at home they have roared back in their next victory, winning by an average of 17.2 points.

This year they have struggled out of the gates under the dome, defeating the St. Louis Rams 31 - 24 and losing last week's Sunday night prime time game versus the New England Patriots 30 - 23.

Nagging injuries to key players such as WR Roddy White (ankle - likely to play), WR Julio Jones (knee - likely to play), RB Steven Jackson (thigh - game time decision), DB Assante Samuel (thigh - game time decision), LB Akeem Dent (ankle - week to week), and LB Sean Weatherspoon (foot - likely out until at least week 11) have been part of the problem.

Without Steven Jackson (and quite possibly Michael Turner himself to be more specific), the offense has failed to demonstrate the balance they have exhibited in the recent past. When you include the nagging injuries to both wideouts this affects the entire offensive engine, including the effectiveness of all-star TE Tony Gonzalez.

Bring forth the struggling New York Jets to cure Atlanta's current ailments, whether it be a temporary moment of jubilation or not, this is the confidence booster they need right now.

The Jets rookie QB Geno Smith has appeared clueless at times as he attempts to adapt to the speed and complexity in the NFL , especially in last week's demoralizing 38 - 13 road loss. Even in the wake of knocking out the Titans 1st string QB Jake Locker, New York's defense still failed miserably against the less than impressive former Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

On paper, this game points toward the New York Jets having a slight edge to win this game outright. The games are never played on paper however, and this situation is pointing toward a significant win for the Atlanta Falcons over a habitually struggling New York Jets squad still trying to find an offensive identity and a defense that is still unable to sew up the recurring problem of giving up big plays.

Take the Atlanta Falcons -10.5

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Post hidden due to low quality. Show it.
On paper they have an edge to win and you lay double digits after everything we talked about last week with this HORRIBLE team, the Jets are no worse than Atlanta man, Ugh, double digit favorite in the NFL with a team we know stinks, Good luck guy!!!
I have stated my case, you have made a statement. There are no guarantees in this industry, but many speak as if there are. Good luck to you as well.
Well the one thing you should never do in a write up is contradict yourself in the same sentence you say a team can win SU and then lay Double digits against them right afterwards. I've only been doing this for 25 years and have shot over 75 videos and host my own radio show and i guess you will learn not to contradict a play in the same sentence. Especially when we more than covered how this Atlanta team is as clueless as any Jet team is. And um, the Jets almost beat the same Patriots Atlanta lost to. Beat Tampa early and Buffalo as well, so you can take as much stock from ONE GAME last week in Tenn as you want. Fitzpatrick is no rookie in this league man!!! You will need more luck than I will LoL

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The more important question is, why the fuck are you putting your reputation and time on a write up on a Jets Falcons game LoL

I suggest you read the write-up before making comments.

The concepts of on paper and a real game are two completely separate things therefore contradiction is not even in the field of view here.

For someone who is elated to announce they feel they are more experienced than someone else in a feeble attempt to make them back down is ridiculous. For someone who is so experienced as you state then you should also have gained enough knowledge to comprehend that no matter what statistics are available, there can be arguments made in favor of either side.

I refuse to make this debate long winded and feed into your personal desires to get the last word as you did on another thread I will not go into details about. As stated, I wish you good luck as well.

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i read the write up and is why I made my comments. Last word details? ok Timmy sure, good luck to you too, there's my last word!

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