Detroit Lions 20 vs Dallas Cowboys 24

Detroit Lions At Dallas Cowboys - NFC Wild Card - NFL Football - 1/4/15 4:40PM
Sunday, 1/4
7 Detroit Lions
+6 -103
Ov 47.5 -108
8 Dallas Cowboys
-6 -107
Un 47.5 -102

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Detroit Lions Vs Dallas Cowboys 1-4-2015 0 views

There were numerous duplicate games this week on NFL, and even a UFC fight which actually occurred last month. I'm not sure what's going on to be honest. There was a post back in October where Patrick said he fixed it, but it seems to have creeped back up again.

This is what I have showing up in my "Picks in Progress"...and it's been there for a few days... go figure

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Time Pick Bet Size
1/4/15 7:15PM Arizona Cardinals Team Total OVER 17 -110 3
1/4/15 7:15PM [105] Arizona Cardinals +190 0.53
1/4/15 7:15PM [105] Arizona Cardinals +5 -110 2

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Tired of this kind of thing happening; I had Lions +8 placed. Not the first time I've gotten bets pulled.

There is a huge difference between +8 and +6.5. Not just because it is 1.5 points, but because to record my play now I am on the opposite side of a major handle.

Not defending the situation at all, but it is important to verify the date, time and rotation number when making a pick as most of the games that get deleted have at least one of these wrong. Like I said, it is a bad situation for some to have picks deleted but taking the time to verify the information that I mentioned will most likely keep you on the right game. Hope that helps.

Best of luck,
PCG, I played Detroit at +8 earlier this week and I agree with you that at 6.5 it is a no play. Value on the Lions ends at 7 IMO.
*Since 2010, the Dallas Cowboys are 6-9-0 SU (-2.53 ppg) and 1-14-0 (-7.87) ATS as a home favorite after a game as a favorite. This season that includes straight up losses to the Cardinals and the Eagles and a no-cover win vs. the Redskins. Took Lions +8.
I was wondering what happened. I've had games deleted after it's final. I have winners and losers sitting there right now. I didn't make a pick on the Dallas vs Detroit game because all of a sudden I'm doing something wrong when I make my picks. Have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
Sorry to hear that tucker. It seems to me that sometimes you hit the nail on the head with your writeups and then sometimes you've got it all wrong. As a good American Football coach once said (I forgot who): figure out what you're doing wrong and stop doing that. Figure out what you're doing right and keep doing that. Gambling is simpler than we make it. The best bets are usually gut twisters and then we overthink them.

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I'll add for you tucker: I've noticed that when you're right, you're really right. Maybe just pass more often. Passing is the first thing most good gamblers go to when the bleeding starts.
I don't think I explained it right. I'm making picks the same way I've always made picks. I'm talking about clicking on a team I pick. I click on sports picks tracker and then the game I like. For whatever reason, it's not being graded. In fact, it's being deleted after the game ends. (win or lose). Sorry, I still thing I'm explaining it wrong. I'll try again. I picked two NFL games yesterday and they are still sitting there. Soon they will be deleted for some reason. I picked an NFL game today and that's still sitting there. That game will be deleted also. I'm doing something wrong on the way I click on teams and can't figure it out.

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I think playoff games aren't automated yet. This happen every year in every sport it seems.

I had a 2nd half ML bet on The Colts take today, but it never showed up in pending or graded. I believe this is the first time I've seen this happen. I'm not sure about the games tucker is referencing, but there were duplicate NFL games with wrong dates, maybe those are the games which disappeared?

Edit: I just looked again and my 2nd half bet for the Colts is now showing up. So maybe you guys still have a chance?

Below are the NFL games which are invalid.

Lions vs Dallas wrong date

Arizona vs Carolina wrong date

Edited 1/4/15 at 6:25PM by wacked - Colts ML 2nd Half Wager Showed up

Two of the games were listed counted and one didn't...the two dummy games that were listed on the wrong dates should have been deleted but they weren't...more of a reason to have more than just one person in charge of scoring and supervising everything!

I was only addressing the games that haven't been graded. Don't know about games disappearing.


I've got a win with the Ravens pending Reno. That's fine. Wasn't the issue I was talking about.

I had the Lions a second Top Play for this week. Had it in at +8 here, but the wager prior to gametime. I still had an opportunity to place the wager, but the odds shifted almost 3 points over a key handle so I didn't want to place it. 5th time now this has happened to me which is getting to be too much.

Here was my writeup on the game which could unfortunately be questioned by people looking at my service as it isn't logged here: At least one PM user can vouch though for me that it was emailed prior to gametime.


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