New England Patriots 28 vs Seattle Seahawks 24

New England Patriots Vs Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl XLIX - University Of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, AZ - NFL Football - 2/1/15 6:30PM
Sunday, 2/1
101 New England Patriots
+1 -108
Ov 47.5 -101
102 Seattle Seahawks
-1 -102
Un 47.5 -109

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New England Patriots Vs Seattle Seahawks 2-1-2015 0 views

I think NE will be the fav, look what they doing, the seahawk thing was only at 4th quarter............
I hadn't picked a Super Bowl correctly since running the table with the Ravens in 2000 until last year when Seattle demolished the Broncos. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with this next statement. This era of NFL is remarkably similar to one I witnessed in the late 80's and early 90's when the AFC was simply a second tier league in comparison to the more physical NFC conference Super Bowl representatives. It just appears to me the same cycle has arrived once again and that the AFC will not be crowned champion for at least another 2 years IMO.

Good luck everyone!
Odd line, you're better off with the ML then the spread on Seattle now.

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line is off...should be NE-1 (-106) Sea+1 (-114) or reduce Juice Ne-1 (+100)Sea+1 (-110)...mainly regular odds mixed with reduced juice

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Is Sherman's arm seriously injured, or something that shouldn't affect his performance come game time?
I think this game boils down to one thing. Who stops the others teams run game. I think Marshawn goes off. He's "about that action"
I still think the NFC is just more dominant than the AFC. Tom Brady is not so great without strong offensive weaponry around him, in fact, he is ineffective for the most part, considering his lack of mobility, and his inability to avoid opponents that are able to bring a strong rush defensively. I believe Belichick is a candidate for best coach of all-time, and has the talent to implement a game plan to win the game, but only if his team is able to execute flawlessly. I don't think this will happen and still leaning on a battle tested Seattle Seahawks team to win the Super Bowl.
Yep, good analogy Reno. The West is just bigger, faster, more punishing along the boards, and play a more complete game than the more finesse oriented East. I suppose everything runs in cycles :)

This is just like a repeat of last year's line. If this goes all the way to +3 Seattle, that will be excellent value, especially with the ability to sell back and get plus odds to win at -2.5 or higher if you believe Seattle will cover.

If you are on NE, you gotta wonder how far this is going to run-up, but I'm guessing -3 is the max if it gets there.

@Tim, Both Earl Thomas and Sherm are injured, but there should be no issues with them in the SB. Thomas played after the injury with a harness and Sherm just had a bruised elbow, which was bothersome, but should be fully healed by game time. The dislocated shoulder is a different issue. Pain and mobility will be the major issue, as it normally takes more than 2 weeks to heal, but Thomas won't miss the SB, especially being the big hitter for Seattle and I imagine he'll just get shot up and wear the brace during the game, which is what he did against the Pack.

I think it goes off at -2.5, no way will books expose themselves with a 3 on a big game like this, Imagine how bad they would lose if it middles.

No Super Bowl ever started without a favorite. There's a good chance this could happen.

Bill Belichick is hard to beat especially with two weeks to prepare. I think the game will go off pick-em and I think Bill Belichick will prevail.

Poster child Brady lose 3 superbowls in a row to the disgruntle interview hating rules bending cockey get the point. Highly doubt it. You can Rodger(Goodell) that to the bank

I just read in the Boston Globe claims of the footballs being deflated in Sunday's game against the Colts. Tom Brady made claims in the past that he likes a softer ball.

According to what I read, both teams supply 12 footballs to the officials a couple of hours before game time. Because of inclement weather, 24 from each side has to be submitted. The officials weigh and measure each ball.

The Colts were complaining about soft footballs during the game and the Baltimore Ravens were saying the same thing the week before.

This was something that surprised me: Each team uses their own footballs when on offense.

If these allegations are true, New England could lose a draft pick.

you had a post about the NFL having the best athletes in the world the other day. Thats the best excuse they can come up with after a loss. Deflated or not that's something world class professionals should be able to get over after a few snaps. Played football all our lives. Wouldn't of even noticed that. That whole article about the deflated balls is laughable.

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I always like to go back a revisit the last Super Bowl and see everyones thoughts. Here's a link to last years thread if anyones's interested. Last year PM got 304 plays on the Super Bowl, right now we're sitting at 58 picks. I think we get to 400 this year.

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