8th Annual Nfl Survivor Pool Thread 1,916 views

Bragging rights again on the line this year !!! Rules are simple. Pick one Straight up winner each week. Once you use them, you can not use them again. You lose, you out. Picks must be posted before kickoff of your selection. Post previous weeks selections in each new weeks post for easier tracking.

2014-2015 CHAMPION: tucker19 clinched in Week 10

2015-2016 CHAMPION: Computer Generated Picks Week 4

2016-2017 CHAMPION: Rio Jamz Week 9

2017-2018 CHAMPION: Severian Week 6

2018-2019 CHAMPION: Week 3

2019-2020 CHAMPION: Week 10

2020-2021 CHAMPION: Week 13

2021-2022 CHAMPION: ?????????

Should it go that long tiebreaker will be to pick all playoff games each week until there is just one contestant. If gets to the Super Bowl the O/U will be final tiebreaker.

Good Luck to all who dare stake their claim.


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CHICO1856: The KING of Pick Monitor.

Thank you for continuing to run this contest each year. I cannot believe this is the 8th annual survivor pool, but happy there are still contributors such as you to bring some pertinent, entertaining, and badly needed value to the forum. I missed last season altogether thus eliminating any opportunity to defend my 2019/2020 crown (but was fun to watch GumshoeGorilla's championship run - TERRIFIC JOB GUMSHOE!), but will play this season, and like my previous entry, will provide all 18 weeks of selections in advance. So here we go:

W1 - New York Giants

W2 - Cleveland Browns

W3 - Dallas Cowboys

W4 - Cincinnati Bengals

W5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

W6 - Baltimore Ravens

W7 - Los Angeles Rams

W8 - Buffalo Bills

W9 - San Francisco 49ers

W10 - Indianapolis Colts

W11 - New York Jets

W12 - Detroit Lions

W13 - Kansas City Chiefs

W14 - Tennessee Titans

W15 - Arizona Cardinals

W16 - Seattle Seahawks

W17 - New England Patriots

W18 - Minnesota Vikings


This post is to keep the 3 active NFL contests beginning this weekend at top of forum to maintain most visibility for potential participants.


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