Jose Aldo 0 vs Conor McGregor 1

UFC 194 - Featherweight 5 Rounds - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada - PPV - UFC Fighting - 12/12/15 11:59PM
Saturday, 12/12
1001 Jose Aldo
Ov 2.5 -122
1002 Conor McGregor
Un 2.5 +107

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Jose Aldo Vs Conor Mcgregor 12-12-2015 - Page 2 0 views

Since you brought it up, let's be clear here. You made comments on an event AFTER it was completed, as if you actually had knowledge of what happened ... before it happened. What actually happened in the fight, was predicted by no one and your "I knew" and "I did think" are irritating to real handicappers who put the time in to handicapping this fight! Fact is, your 3-4 MMA record with no picks in a calendar year, let alone this particular fight, makes your comments in this thread irrelevant ...


I can understand your point perfectly in regards to people saying 'they knew' and it was 'obvious' after the fact. You find that stuff everywhere. By the same token, and I do know a little about handicapping despite you '1000 picks' comment as I'm currently in 1st place in this year's WSOH-4 event (plug!). I don't know how you can call McGregor and legitimately people who backed him (if you backed him at -190, you got lucky..) ..lucky. We'll never know the outcome of the fight had it lasted past the opening minutes. Who's to say McGregor wouldn't have caught him in rounds 2 or 3 instead. The punch certainly wasn't lucky as it landed with intention with his eyes wide open staring at the target. Basically what I'm getting at is let whoever backed McGregor have their 5 min in the sun. As you say, longterm your results will win out. No point in griping about every opinion that differs from your own.


I think whether Aldo wins or loses his next fights moving forward is pretty relevant, which is the point of my post. I don't see this being a guy who just got caught with a lucky punch and coming back. If you disagree and think it was a matter of ring rust or something else, state your case. Don't just downvote a reasonable post and promote your business.


That was in no way lucky. Just like Holm wasn't lucky. Perfect timing. Perfect placement. Both A1 fighters. One had ring rust and gasses after 2 rounds, the other looks like a fish out of water on the ground. But the fluid movement/distance control/power/length/psychological warfare/unorthodox style/confidence... GOOD LAWD. He called the round. He said round 1 KO. Everything he says, he backs up. IJS. I rarely max bet, but I did last night, and will again if they're silly enough to set a rematch...


Yea, it was not a "Lucky Punch" in the sense that he did intend to throw it and hit Aldo, but I guess a better way to describe it in being "Lucky", is that with the UFC having promoted nearly 4,000 MMA Fights and having had only 15 of them last less than 15 seconds, shows that what happened last night is a feat substantiated with some "Luck". I'm quite sure that if McGregor and Aldo fought 10 times, neither would KO the other in less than 15 seconds again and I highly doubt that McGregor, who has never done that before, will ever do it again in under 15 seconds.


Shitty analogy, but Conor is like me in Halo. Stop camping! Somebody meet me in the middle! LOL! I or my opponent only last a few seconds, but it's way more fun than being on a mountain with a scope. No matter who wins, it ain't luck. Meet me in the middle and it's going down, Quickly. Close proximity, bad intentions, and deadly weapons.

People who are outclassed should rush to the middle of the ring and bang from the opening bell. It gives them a punchers chance and raises their odds of winning. Aldo's world class, though. No need to rush. It's a 5 rounder. Feel him out first, Mr 15+ month layoff. LOL!

I watched the video several times and in slowmo Conor looked regular speed. Quick ass counter-punch after an Aldo feint. I still say if Conor pisses off all his opponents enough, there will be a ton of 13 second KOs. Maybe even Conor on the ground. Those men were too reckless yesterday, Somebody was going to get clipped...


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