Jose Aldo 0 vs Conor McGregor 1

UFC 194 - Featherweight 5 Rounds - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada - PPV - UFC Fighting - 12/12/15 11:59PM
Saturday, 12/12
1001 Jose Aldo
Ov 2.5 -122
1002 Conor McGregor
Un 2.5 +107

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Jose Aldo Vs Conor Mcgregor 12-12-2015 0 views

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Am I the only one that thinks Jose Aldo is the better fighter here. I've been waiting a long time for this fight. I'm more a casual UFC fan but Aldo in my opinion is the number one pound for pound fighter in the UFC. Looks like they got the right fighter favored now. Could have got Jose at plus money a few days ago. I hope it backs there tomorrow when all the all the square action comes in.

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Plus, After watching Mendez get knocked out in the first round last night, suddenly Connors win doesn't seem as impressive anymore.


"Conor has talked the talk and walked the walk"

Well, you sure are right about one thing in that sentence ... Connor has "talked the talk", but has he really walked the walk??? Let's take a look at some facts here. First off, other than Chad Mendes, who fought Connor on only 2 weeks notice (and dominated him for the entire first round), Connor has not fought a fighter that was ranked in the Top 5 of his division when he actually fought them and other than Dustin Poirer, who was known to have issues making 145lbs and had only fought one previous fight at 145lbs and is now back to fighting at 155lbs, Connor has not fought a fighter ranked in the Top 10 when he fought them.

1st UFC Fight == Marcus Brimmage (7-5 record and no longer in the UFC)

2nd UFC Fight == Max Holloway (fought Connor almost 2.5 years ago and has since had 7 more fights winning them all, while Connor has only had 4 fights ... would like to see this fight again)

3rd UFC Fight == Diego Brandao (has lost every fight that he has had against a Top 15 fighter)

4th UFC Fight == Dustin Poirer (see above)

5th UFC Fight == Dennis Siver (never beat a Top 10 fighter and he is on a 2 fight losing streak with the fight before that being a late-late opponent replacement win and the fight before that being overturned due to his Steroid use and he lost the fight before that ... talk about feeding Connor a "Can", Geez!)

6th UFC Fight == Chad Mendes (see above)

Now for Jose Aldo, Ranked #1 in the Division and #1 Pound-for-Pound in the entire UFC. Not only does he have more ways than his patented Striking game to win this fight (14 KO/TKO), he has a Black Belt in both BJJ and LLE. He has not lost in over 10 years and he has fought and beat the "who's who" in the UFC Featherweight Division! For the sake of comparison, I will only go back 6 fights ...

6 Fights ago == Kenny Florian (14-6, 3-time Title Contender, Ranked Top 5 in 2 different Divisions, future UFC Hall of Fame Inductee ... retired after fighting Aldo)

5 Fights ago == Chad Mendes (17-4, currently Ranked #3 in the Division, with 2 of his losses being to Aldo - future UFC Hall of Fame Inductee and constant TOP 5 Ranked in the Division)

4 Fights ago == Frankie Edgar (20-4, previous Lightweight Champ, currently Ranked #2 in the Division, fought and beat the who's-who in the division and several big names when he fought in the Lightweight division, future UFC Hall of Fame Inductee)

3 Fights ago == Chan Sung Jung (13-4, solid fighter, previous Top 10 Ranked in the division, has not fought since losing to Aldo over 2 years ago)

2 Fights ago == Ricardo Lamas (16-4, currently Ranked #4 in the Division and has been Ranked in the Top 10 for a couple years now)

1 Fight ago == Chad Mendes (see above)

Prior to that, he fought and beat Urijah Faber, Cub Swanson and Mike Brown ... all super solid & Top 10 Ranked fighters at the time that he fought them!

With all of that said, the FACTS above show us that Connor McGregor was probably given the quickest and easiest route to a Title Shot in modern UFC History. As well, Connor could win this fight, because when 2 people get in a cage and start swinging their fist at each other, anything can happen. But, how anyone can put $$$ on Connor McGregor when he has NOT fought and beat the level of competition that Jose Aldo has, is beyond me. If one has watched at least 5-6 of each of their fights, while considering who they are fighting, only square $$$ would be on Connor!

Connor has used his mouth and talked his way in to the position that he is in ... his ability has had little to do with it >>> the FACTS show us that! If I were to fight several 9th Graders at my local High School and I dominated them all, that would not make me the best fighter or even close to it. However, if I ran my mouth like a mad man and I was getting paid more $$$ to do that for ticket sales, I would try my best to perfect running my mouth ... just like Chael Sonnen perfected. This is what Connor has done, because if you were watching him fight back when he was in Cage Warriors, he did not carry on and talk smack like he does now. Sure, he was confident and such, but he has completely morphed in to a selling machine and like Ronda Rousey, it seems that many people have bought in to the hype and have paid little attention to the big picture. Ever notice how every other Champ talks about being the Champ and wanting to stay Champ and they rarely, if ever, speak publicly about the money involved??? In comparison, have you noticed how much Connor talks about the money involved in fighting???

Lastly, my only concern with Aldo in this fight, is that he has not fought in over a year. There is absolutely no other smart money reason or advantage to bet on Connor.

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"Plus, After watching Mendez get knocked out in the first round last night, suddenly Connors win doesn't seem as impressive anymore"

... and like I said in my post above, Mendes dominated Connor for the entire first round and in to the second round ... until he gassed.

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Well, the 1% chance of what could happen ... happened >>> "Connor could win this fight, because when 2 people get in a cage and start swinging their fist at each other, anything can happen"

That said, I'm still looking for a solid / realistic write up / prediction from someone who predicted Connor winning ...

Yea, I didn't think so!

About the time we see that prediction, we will see predictions of Ronda losing her Title and Weidman losing his too!

Oh wait, someone on this board did predict that happening ...



I think he got Aldo so pissed that Aldi wanted to knock him out early. Aldo went for the knock out and got burned. Aldo let him get in his head. Congrats to McGregor he's now the biggest star the UFC has ever had.


LittleMissSandra ... Bettors know the difference between Luck and Skill! One of us has demonstrated skill and the other has demonstrated luck ... we shall let the people decide which one of us has skill ;-)


Doesn't Aldo always go for the knockout though? I mean he's used these same punches to set up his leg kicks before. He still pretty much goes toe-to-toe with guys and dares them to challenge his quickness, power and combinations though. I knew going against a boxer who throws good straight punches, this would be a problem if he didn't use more lateral movement. I didn't predict a Mcgregor win, much less a win in 13 seconds. I did think that Aldo would have problems if he didn't adjust and respect McGregor's boxing though.

This kind of reminds me of Roy Jones getting older and still trying to get by on his quickness. Usually if a guy gets caught, I give him a chance to come back. I don't think Aldo will adjust though. He's been doing the same thing for too long to change.


Blah, Blah, Blah ... you all knew this, that and the other >>> but NO ... you really know NOTHING at all! 5 of Aldo's last 8 fights were won via Decision and this goes back OVER 5 years! ... so obviously, he does not necessarily go for the KO! All of you Monday Morning Quarterbacks need to pack it in ... unless you were capable of stringing together a worthwhile sentence PRIOR to the fight tonight, or at a minimum, capable of speaking FACTS about these fighters history that is relevant to what they have actually accomplished and / or what happened tonight, then please, keep your generic opinions to yourself! Everyone seems to be a professional handicapper after the fact, but unless you posted your opinion / write up PRIOR to the fight tonight, then your opinion is worth the paper it is written on and NO one really gives a shit what you think ;-) FACT is, Connor won tonight and he won in a way that ranks among the 1% of all wins in MMA history ... and NONE of you predicted that!

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Luck will pay out occasionally, but skill is needed for the long haul! Stick around for 1,000+ picks and show us what kind of skill that you possess ;-)


Wow, are discussing a fight and Aldo's future or are we just promoting a business and downvoting anyone with an opposing viewpoint? Another thread ruined...


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