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Hey guys I have an idea for a contest, it's just a rough idea that I'm sure isn't perfect but maybe some of you can add to it or tweak it into something that can be implemented by PM.

Let's say we get 3 guys who have been here a long time (5K picks) and name them captains of a handicapping team. Each would pick 3 handicappers for each major sport. So 3 baseball guys, 3 hoops guys, 3 football guys, 3 hockey guys to make up a handicapping team.

PM could have a special section on the site that would track each team's progress for the year. I'm guessing at least one team would be profitable, and maybe all teams would be profitable considering it would include the best of PM in every sport. So PM could then advertise the success of the teams, which hopefully would bring traffic to the site. Maybe that traffic would bring customers willing to pay a weekly or monthly fee to PM for access to the team's picks. Maybe one fee for a particular team or a package including all teams. Again it's just an idea, I'm sure there's other ways of doing it.

At the end of the year, maybe the winning team would win something. Maybe a small percentage of packages sold would go to the teams. Maybe the captains would get something for their efforts. All just ideas for PM to consider.

Maybe this is something PM could implement, or maybe just a silly idea. Give your thoughts guys.


Good morning Eppley,

We saw your idea this morning and we are really stoked about it! We loved it so much, we have decided to give you 15 days of All Access membership as a thank you for your engagement on the forum.

We will certainly take it into consideration in the V2 of PM.

All Ideas are welcome for the new version! We want you guys to feel like your ideas have impact on the direction of the new website and initiatives like this one are welcome anytime. :)


Not a bad idea Eppley. This site was previously very active with the daily discussions on games, the stellar write-ups and even the feuds between board members was something to look forward to. PM is awesome and still chugging along but the activity regarding the forum is just not there. Personally I think when the sidebar was eliminated, things slowed down regarding activity. Perhaps your suggestion is a step in the right direction and I hope that something like this can get started.


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