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Sup guys! Happy Friday. Just curious if anyone has any solid information or insight on the new Alliance of American Football League? Looks like some familiar names on rosters as both players and coaches. Who do you all like? (For fun or for betting purposes)


I never like over/unders but knowing nothing about 95% of the players can’t really pick a winner so based on the rule you can’t blitz take the overs in all the games week 1. I read most teams are playing spread offenses and the league wants to see the scoreboard lit up. . And when the qb doesn’t have to diagnose blitzers. . Well reading coverages gets much easier right?

There’s also no extra points only 2-point attempts which will keep the score from being tied much more offend than the nfl or college and when a teams down even just by 2 they’re a bit more aggressive than if the score was even. . look for that to affect scoring


After I posted this I listened to VSIN and they were talking about it. A few guys went down and watched preseason games and they said out of 2 or 3 of the games watched offensive holding was never called. League officials said they want scoring up so like you said the focus is lighting up the scoreboard and speeding up the game.

The San Diego Fleet were supposed to have Josh Johnson as their QB but the Redskins intend to keep him now so I’m curious to see if the lines have adjusted for them. Also, Arizona were said to have wiped the floor with Birmingham during a rehearsal game a few weeks ago. Appreciate your response


@Southpaw - just wondering if a no blitz rule is in effect since I saw a QB get destroyed yesterday on what appeared to be a blitz. Thanks Southpaw :)


I think these games eventually will be high scoring, but expect unders the first 3 weeks, look at week 1, teams are not jelling this early yet, these are new teams learning to play together.


@Southpaw - got it, so there is blitzing allowed, but only a maximum of 5 players may blitz at one time... otherwise, it is a illegal formation penalty against the defense.

BTW - every single game played this weekend made the Super Bowl look that much more exciting because the AAF simply cannot play offense or defense... maybe they should put the kick off back in to add some excitement lmao I do like the uniforms though... but who cares how good you look if you are putting a low end product on the field.

What they should have done is take the play clock to 25 seconds, not 35, if they really wanted to make the games quicker... make quarterback rushing illegal so we don't have to put up with the stupid slide, and subsequent late hits by the defense... take FGs right out of the game, no PAT's, and only have punters. This is how you make a game quicker, the NFL has their hands all over this dirty make work project league to add jobs for concussed too many times veterans, guys not good enough to play in the NFL, and additional over the hill refs that all stand on the NFL shield, and not the integrity of the game.

This league sucks for all those reasons... and for those reasons... I am more willing to support the XFL's return next year where there is no love loss between them and the NFL. As stated, the NFL is the best... but also the best at bullshitting its true fans... disgusting.


Yea I was excited for the league . . I rather watch areana football than this garbage . . To anyone that did the complete opposite I suggested congrats! Pop warner teams are more exciting than this league


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