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I would like to get some clarification on what we are doing here please. On May 23rd i had 2 bets on a the seattle game. Right before the game they changed the listed pitcher. The bet lost and i was told ALL bets are ACTION bets. Now fast forward a few weeks and I win a bet only to find out that because the listed pitcher changed the game was voided.

It can only be one or the other in my opinion. The pitching change in the May 23rd seattle game made a situation i would never bet but i agreed since it was action on all games it was fair both ways.

If we are going to stick with listed pitchers then that game should be voided too and further more I would just like to get a confirmation of what PM will be doing going forward.

Are all baseball games going to be listed pitcher from now on?



Agree that we need formal clarification.

"Action," though, does not mean that all bets stand at original lines. It means that bets with pitching changes receive adjusted lines determined by the book at the time of the change.

I assume/hope that we are striving to use listed pitchers here, and that it will ultimately be automated.


Pick Monitor is now doing listed pitchers, there were several threads on the topic in recent weeks. Regarding your May 23 play, just use the Report Grading Error function and click Mark as Cancelled.


AFAIK, It was never clarified from Michael that we are indeed using a policy of listed pitchers only, and if so, how it will be enforced (people contacting him for games they happen to notice, or something more comprehensive).


evo, actually Michael did say it in a couple of the pitching change threads I posted and he even said he was working on restoring the pitching change notifications we used to receive back in the good old days.


Right, but no actual clarification of what this site's policy is. I assume -- like you -- that its listed only, but there has been no announcement of the change and plenty of confusion has resulted in past few weeks.


To clarify, I'm 110% in favor of listed pitchers. I just want it to be consistent.


I will do a separate post tomorrow. I'm on my phone... Mom's birthday hehe

I am canceling all picks where the listed pitcher doesn't start. If you notice, when a pitcher changes a new line opens up and the old one is closed.

I'm trying to push a change that will notify you automatically next week via email.


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