August 2019 Community Update - Contests, Identity Verification And More 582 views

As mentioned in my initial blog post, my idea is to provide a monthly update on what was done in the past month and what's coming ahead.

What was done?


In july, most of the work was geared towards which will slowly become the provider of Pick Monitor data. This is a long term project, but there is a real need in the market for an affordable and reliable sports data feed. I want to build the ultimate sports feed that has not only odds, but player stats, standing, live data, historical data, probabilities, etc. I am tired of not getting what I need so I'm taking upon myself to create the best sports data feed in the world. You will hear more about it in the months to come.

I got constructive criticism from some members, and I appreciate your input. Right now all you see is my prototype when you make a pick on MLB. I just wanted to point out that it's only the beginning of something much bigger that will allow me to fix things like pitcher changes, postponed games and give you new tools to back-test strategies, odds comparison, notifications when a team is down by X, etc. Data is what limits my ability to create/improve/scale and I intend on fixing that. I'm done with other providers selling the moon and delivering half of what I expect.

Social Media

It was about time that I take this seriously. It's inexcusable that Pick Monitor has not an active Twitter / FB. LadyBet generously offered her help. I would really like if you could follow her profile and send her some good vibes. She has been very involved with me and she's a great addition to the community. And let's be honest, she is DESTROYING the books with her team. 57 ROI over 64 picks in soccer and 4.5% ROI on Tennis.

LadyBet results

I'd appreciate if you took a minute of your time to follow our twitter account and our Facebook page.

Tokens Feature / Price changes / Blog

Adding a blog will facilitate the communication and content creation. For more information on the other changes, I will refer to you to the following posts :

What's next

We're already 1 week into August, but I have 2 goals that I'd like us to acheive this month

1. Contest

πŸ”₯ Oh yeah baby πŸ”₯ the NFL season is finally upon us. I started to work with the Sports Handicappers Forum facebook group. They were using Pick Monitor as a tracking tool for their contest. That really got me thinking that I needed to take action - by the way a big thank you to Ryan (HCC32) - for trusting us to run your contests. I talked alot about such a feature in the past, now it's in the making. You can expect the contests to start popping up for the NFL season. I have to figure out the legal stuff πŸ’Έ but how can I go wrong with an amazon gift card πŸ˜‡.

Once the feature is stable and the contests are running successfully it will be made available to all of you to create your own contest with your own group of contestants/friends.

2. Identity Verification

That will get some of you very happy. It was requested again and again. On the forum, via email or in private. There is a frustration about people having multiple accounts, not knowing who's behind the picks, etc. Since the foundation of Pick Monitor is built on the integrity of handiccapers record, this new feature will be unique to Pick Monitor and maximize opportunity of the real handiccapers that do this for a living to stand out from the crowd.

How will this work?

Pretty simple. There will be 3 levels of identification.

  1. πŸ“±Phone verification. Pretty straight forward, we send you a text, you confirm the number. This way we know that 1 account = 1 phone number
  2. πŸ’³ Now, if someone really had bad intentions, phone verification could be - with some work - circumvented by getting burner phones (get a life if you do this). The 2nd level of verification will be a credit card. You won't be charged anything, but we will simply pre-authorize a 100$ charge.
  3. πŸ†” The last level, will be ID verification. You will send a selfie holding an ID card and a paper with "Pick Monitor + the date" to us.

All of this will be totally optional. Any phone / credit card / ID collected, will only be seen by me and will be kept confidential. The only thing that will happen is that you will earn a badge, in your profile it will show what you have / have not validated. Also, we will implement new filters in the ranking so that you - as a buyer - can get picks from those that validated their identity to your liking.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! What should be next?

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This is certainly a step in the right direction, but it's unclear if verified business sellers are free to abandon old profiles and start fresh with a new one whenever they choose. That is, is there a policy that says once you create a profile and choose to verify yourself, you may never create any additional profiles?


Let me be very clear.

No one on pick monitor is allowed to sell using throwaway accounts. Once a user verify his identity, it cannot be undone.

But anyway, the whole business users model will be reworked. I'm just not 100% fixed on what I want to do.


Certainly a step in the right direction. Limiting the opportunity for nefarious purposes will never be completely eliminated but limiting the opportunity should take care of the bulk of it. But as the scamdicappers zig in the future, I am sure Michael will zag.


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