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I apologize if this is a bad question. I see people have monthly awards for different sports and categories.

Is there a list/view available to see what awards you are qualifying for? ... Or a way of seeing where yourself stacks up against others for each category and sport?

I have only seen the basically high overall ranking page.

Thanks in advance

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You can customize the filters to a pretty high degree of precision using the big red "Customize the rankings" button on thet top right of the page.

Let me know if it's what you wanted.



Thank you for highlighting that page for me to take a deeper look. My problem was I saw the bright red customization button which controlled the available columns/metrics, but I was missing was the black "Overall Rankings" dropdown actually had specific sports listed within. Thanks again @Michael

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does any of you that have won awards in the past, know how long before you get the award banner on your page after the month is over. Thanks.


Between the 1st/7th I believe...


@Michael - Thank you for the December award. Do you know the logic behind what qualifies for a monthly award? Is there a particular minimum number of picks required for each sport to qualify? Thanks again


Hey Coffee,

Thanks for pointing it out there was actually a small problem with the awards list!!! Congrats on getting your first two :) :)

I would really love to get your input as a new user, would you mind answering the survey in the other thread?



People who don't have positive units are getting awards. I would love to see this changed in 2018.


@1stTakedownWins if you would like, go to my other post we're doing market research and would love your input. Would you mind filling in the survey so that we can get in touch and have a chat about what you would like us to implement in the upcoming year?


Yep, It happens.

If you have a terrible January that drains all of your units into the negative, all of your previous awards over the years don't get deleted (20 old awards, negative units).

If you have NEVER been positive, but somehow do great this month (1 award, negative units).

If EVERYONE is getting killed by a sport, but you are the "best" of the worst (1 award {for that sport only}, negative units).

If you have been placing 5u wagers and are taking a beating (-100u) but decide to place 0.1u wagers all January. You get really hot and go 80-20 for the month. You will probably win ROI/win percentage awards (2 awards, negative units).

There are 100 more ways to have negative units and get awards, but I'm sure everyone gets the gist of it...

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will i be notified when u win an award or it will just pop up on your page?


It will just appear on your profile ... usually, around the 5th of the month.


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