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Hi everyone. I hope everything is exceptional with all members of the Pick Monitor community. I was hoping to obtain some assistance from everyone and possibly provide assistance to the community by way of compiling a 'creme de la creme' list of websites that members use to assist with their sports handicapping.

Please accept my apologies if a thread already exists with the same or similar content as I was unable to locate one via the search box within the forum.

I am aware of and but I am sure there are many more out there. Your contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who participates.

6 is one of my favorite sites and a must if you do the majority of your wagering in Nevada. They have odds on all the best offshore & vegas books, along with line movement. Great articles on gambling. And betting money trends, including the daily top ten public plays.
Wettpoint. No other site has soccer/basketball/handball/tennis/ hockey.... Basketball isn't in English but that's nothing google translate copy and paste can't handle........this site cost $$$ but It's a fun sight too. Challenge each other and winner takes the other person points........

Website for tracking power rankings: - Great website for finding useful & free power rankings

NFL: - One of my favorites


Data: - Cost $$$


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Good info Parker...I find to be one of the best...for both great statistical information and ranking ability...very useful and resourceful site for any serious handicapper!
I love team rankings but scraping data from their website for use in excel sucks. Not sure why, I read it had something to do with Java but it is nearly impossible.
What you say is true...which is surprising since a bunch of computer geeks make up the bulk of their analysts and advisors...
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I'm looking for NBA team home/away splits of basic box score data.

So FGA/FGM 3GA/3GM etc.

Which you would think would be very easy to find, but I can't (or at least not the home/away split)

Any suggestions would be welcome,

Thanks in advance.


POMEROY, you will not find a higher correlation to the final lines in any American sport then Pomeroy, and that's saying something, because with 300+ teams getting the numbers that close is pretty damn impressive. It's rare to see the Pomeroy line even 2 points off the opening number. Also has totals, must have for any NCAA BB fan or handicapper.

Fangraphs, Best MLB site on the internet hands down, Baseball Prospectus might battle for that title but fangraphs has much more useable data. Dailybaseballdata is also good for certain data. is the best NFL sitem same people who run Baseball Prospectus

Teamrankings is unique as it's the only one I've seen that maintains a histroical database of the rankings prior to each game. So if you want to see the rankings for NFL teams as off week 2 (which would be a hell of a lot better for predictive purposes then current ratings) You could do so.

MrNFL is good database for NCAA and NFL football data

NBA, I would look for sites focusing on Hollinger/Oliver based stats, 4 factors, pace, etc. That is what drives Pomeroy.


4 has the stats that you requested, sorry to post this a day later but I just saw your post!


thanks, that's a good site.

But I was hoping to find a FTM/FGA format that I could pull into a spread sheet and work some vodoo.

Wait for a random nueron fire SU. I have the site with game logs dating back at least 4-5 years with that field. Just wait for the nueron to fire. It will come to me.

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