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If you consider yourself jinxed, you believe your bringing bad luck to yourself and others. If your rooting for a team that is losing and you decide to change the channel and they end up winning, your definitely a jinx. There's four million fans watching the game who owe thanks to you because you turned off the game. I remember when broadcasters kept their mouth shut when a pitcher was pitching a no-hitter. They didn't want to jinx the pitcher.

What is this jinx thing and how serious do we really go with this? And another thing, what's the difference between jinx and superstition. Wade Boggs ate chicken before every game. Jason Terry, now playing for the Celtics, sleeps in the shorts of his opponent the next day. Wayne Gretzky used to put his gear and uniform on in exact order every day and Tiger Woods wears red on Sundays. They do this superstitious stuff so they don't jinx themselves.

I'm glad there's nobody on that's superstitious or feel like they jinx themselves. I don't think we can jinx ourselves. I think whatever will happen will happen. Well, I'm not sure I'm totally convinced. Maybe I'm not being 100% truthful. Maybe I know I'm not being truthful. I guess everybody is a little superstitious in some ways.

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"What's the difference between jinx and superstition?"

Jinks is bad, this is what happens to teams that I bet on,

Superstition is the ritual that they go through to counter act my jinx. ;)

(I win so to speak)

Most rituals are to focus the mind, a physcal pattern that tells the mind 'get ready'.

(think bell/dog) you see it all the time in sports, same ritual / physical pattern before each at bat / free throw etc.

Break the ritual, lose focus, so yes virginia i do believe in superstition. ;)

Sometimes i think I am a jinx as i have many a time stopped an odds on favourite on the horses and no longer bet on jumps races due to 3 straight horses being shot because they fell with the weight of my jinx on them many years ago. I even went as far as backing the field bar 1 horse at 120 to 1 in a 15 horse field and a mate put bet on it and the 120 got up, every now and then i get a win and think the jinx is broken but it never is. But in the scheme of life i am very lucky as alive and healthy with whole family still kicking. You create your own luck sometimes with smart decisions and same with a jinx it is usually just coincidence or a stupid pick that you pick wrong. If you did nothing the result would be the same but the fact you were on it you feel like you jinxed it. Gaz
Good thoughts Gaz, may the family keep kicking for a long time.
The only real superstition I have with handicapping is not boasting or using tout terminology. I feel if I say the words lock, guarantee, boast about my record, or engage in that form of rhetoric that I'm just asking for it. This is a business you need to stay humble in and if you haven't been humbled enough to understand that you haven't been doing it long enough.

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