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As a professional sports handicapper, your primary directive is that you must be able to generate consistent positive returns for your client base. However, I believe something equally significant exists. Your ability to provide this generous revenue stream for your client base means nothing unless you are able to successfully convey to each client, the risk that is inherent if they stray from your proven path to long term success.

If a sports player is utilizing multiple services or simply making wagers on their own in addition to selections provided by your service, then they are not taking full advantage of what you are attempting to provide them with. I comprehend that you are unable to control the actions of your client base, but I believe that a sports handicapping service that places the utmost value on their client base also has an ethical and moral duty to administer every effort at their disposal to ensure each and every client is made aware of the likely consequences should they choose to deviate in the aforementioned manner. These consequential actions taken by your client base is that their hard earned money they have paid for your services may have been wasted.

Suggestion: When communicating with your potential client, be sure to advise them of the scenario explained above and offer advice such that if they are unable to ride out your plan of action for them, then they should open and operate separate bookmaker accounts to effectively allow you to provide them with the service you intend when accepting their purchase.

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The advice is good, but you sound to much like a lawyer, :)

I'm buying picks, but I know myself and I like more action than the capper provides.

My solution, the 'bought' picks get 1 unit, my learning/fun picks get like 1/20 of a unit.


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