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Hey guys! We are getting down to the last few weeks of the College Football regular season. The following week will be conference championship week and then the college bowl committee will convene to decide on who will play in the 4 team playoff for the National Title.

Barring any crazy upsets I think that most of the people that are in the bowl committee already have their minds made up. But I would like your thoughts on this. Which 4 teams will be in the College Football Playoffs this year? AND Which 4 teams do you think SHOULD be in the playoffs this year?


Committee has it right as it is right now. Clemson and Georgia have no margin for error though, both need to win out to stay in.


Inevitably Georgia or LSU will lose in the SEC conference championship. And if things hold as they are Utah and Oregon will also play for the PAC 12 conference title.

So that answer doesn’t really stand up to being able to last much more than a few weeks. If Georgia beats LSU I think that we may see another playoff with 2 SEC teams in it and I don’t think either of them will be named Alabama. But if LSU wins, I think it opens the door for Oregon to leap frog Alabama to get in.

Here is what I think the committee is hoping will happen...

LSU beats Georgia in the conference final and LSU get the 1 seed

Ohio St wins out to take the 2 seed

Clemson wins out to take the 3 seed

Oregon wins out and take the 4 seed leapfrogging Bama and Georgia at the end and giving the committee 4 schools from power conferences

Will it go down this way? I dunno, but the way the rankings are stacked up these are the teams that I feel have been put in a position to succeed... I’m actually hoping for a few of those teams that I mention to lose to create some chaos so that it can add fuel to the flame that an 8 team playoff is what’s needed lol


As usual the committee is clueless. If they had to bet money based on their rankings, they would all go broke. Ohio State is the best team in the country, they would be the favorite against anyone on a neutral field. And Oklahoma would be the favorite against Oregon and Utah on a neutral field.

Top 4 teams are Ohio St, Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma.


I've never got how this stupid system works. Clemson's schedule has been awful, but you mention, say, that TCU run of 22 wins in a row and everyone says schedule. It should go on how much you beat the spread by.


@KickCorridor I think Clemson is getting a pass this year because they are the defending champs, but your point is valid about their strength of schedule. It ranks 39th and their conference is pretty weak this year. However basing it off of point spread ATS doesnt seem like it would work because the spreads are set by oddsmakers and the College Football committee would never give away that kind of control. Besides ATS is only meaningful to people who bet.

A bigger playoff system is needed. The current bowl system has lost its importance. I think there should be either an 8 or 10 team playoff. Let in conference winners only. If they do it with 8 then it will leave some conferences out, but if they do 10 they can include everyone if they just make the independents into a conference. Making it with 10 would leave an imbalance, so thats where rankings would still make things relevant because the two top ranked teams should get a bye week


I would like to see a playoff where all the conference winners get in, and I think most fans would like to see that as well. Not only would it make for a more exciting final, but it would also end for the most part teams wanting weak schedules as teams would not be as scared to take on quality opponents, which would make for a more exciting season as well. It's a no brainer, and therefore it will happen eventually. People used to tell me a playoff would never happen, and I used to say it makes too much sense for it not to happen, we will see it soon.


@sportsdave There was a guy who used to do a system on USA Today based on schedule and points won or lost.


Yeah but his opinion doesn’t hold much weight with the people who could make a difference on the matter. Also point differential can be misleading, because styles and schemes can make a big difference in the outcome of a game. One team could blow another out because they run an option and that team defends poorly against that style, but they kick the snot out of everyone else. Also a single game blowout could be the result of uncharacteristic turnovers or special teams play or look ahead games or sandwich games etc. Incorporating ATS numbers into rankings will never happen. It would be a slippery slope to navigate. It would essentially be putting the college football committee in charge of what Sportsbooks do or vice versa


truly going out on a limb here... Michigan will upset Ohio St and exact revenge for last years thrashing in the game. Michigan ends up winning the Big10, joining LSU, Clemson, and either the PAC 12 or Big 12 Champ.

For people debating who is the best keep in mind youre basically splitting hairs. Anyone who knows football having watched the LSU vs Bama game can see those teams can only be challenged by Oklahoma, Ohio State, Clemson, or Georgia.


If LSU beats Georgia and Alabama wins out. Bama gets in over Oklahoma and Pac-12 Champ. People won't like it but it is what it is. Bama would have the "best" loss among the one-loss teams and they will have beaten Auburn, which beat Oregon.


My prediction of what is probably gonna happen is:

(1) Ohio State - If they beat PSU this weekend & win the BIG Ten Championship

(2) Clemson - Cake Walk through the ACC

(3) Georgia - Beats LSU in SEC Title

(4) LSU - Gonna need to hope the committee bias is for real

Snubs: Pac 12 Champ - The committee just doesnt look at them the same as the SEC and Big Ten


OTL, no bias necessary, if LSU's only loss is in SEC Championship, they are in as they have already done enough. LSU would become the new Alabama (non-champ in over conference champ) with the difference being LSU actually played in conference championship game when they did it.


And committee is right in treating Pac-12 like an unwanted stepchild as it is very weak and conference champ would be double-digit dog in national semis.


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