College Football Week 12 Picks From Pm Users 165 views

Hey guys here are some week 12 picks that I received from some of the members of the PM community. We have a YouTube channel as well. If you would like to participate I would be happy to work with more members. Each person member I mention in the video sent me a write up with their pick so that I could explain what went into the decision to make each pick. Send me a message on here or you can email as well.

Best regards and best of luck,


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SportsDave how about put a poll up every morning for everyone to vote on what picks they want to see that day and then in your video you can give us the top voted picks. It's just an idea I thought I throw out there.


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@Jwinner I like this idea. Making it work will be a challenge to start, but if we can get enough people participating and people that are sending in write ups early enough that would be a start.

The content in the videos is a compilation of multiple peoples work, so organizing it all and posting a video with enough time for people to watch and put the info to use is where I run into difficulties. Plus its hard to put people in a corner to make a pick on a game that isnt actually their best play of the day.

I do like this idea, but an established network of participants would be needed I think. Let me know if you can think of any ways to make it work


SportsDave I see what you mean. Maybe there's a way to give incentives to get people involved. What if you get 100 tokens for submitting a pick and 200 if it's used on your video. How about users can give 50 tokens as their vote for what pick they would like to see in the video. Then also if the pick on the video wins, whoever submitted the pick gets to submit another pick the next day. If that pick wins maybe he gets 400 tokens and moves on to the next day. Then 800 tokens for next win and so on. It could be like a surviver thing. Maybe a guy gets on a roll and everyone is tooning in to see what his 7th pick in a row is gonna be. These are just ideas so maybe some are good and some suck. I think there's probably some smart people here who could help add to these ideas or some better ones. And yes I know I can't spell, grammer sucks and I'm barely literate. Hey I would of finished the 5th grade but I got too big for the damn desk!


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