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Please allow me to provide you with a brief narrative to clarify the historical significance, prize money availability, and personal goal(s) I am striving to achieve with this (weekly) contest.

  • History: My first attempts to assist Pick Monitor by way of launching weekly contests was in September 2013 for both NFL & NCAAF (all are easily located by entering timothy wynn contest in the Pick Monitor search box). Although interest began to strengthen, the number of entrants did not make it worthwhile, and I stopped operating them prior to October 2013. I brought the contest back in 2019 when members reached out to the new owner (Michael) about having such contests available. This was only held for one week before putting on hiatus once again when only 6 members signed up to play. I find it ironic, there were only 6 participants last week, but I decided to not shut it down just yet.
  • Prize Money: In 2013, the prize money I awarded for some of the contests was $10, paid via PayPal. I understand $10 is not much, so I am increasing this to $25 of my own money beginning this weekend (and yes, perhaps $25 is also a small amount in the eyes of many), but the goal is to give some incentive to the winner(s). Believe me, my intentions were to begin giving $100 to the winner(s) after having a stellar month in August, but those extra funds depleted quickly after an 0-11 in week 4 of the CFL. I was also hopeful the owner(s) might chip in some real cash to give more incentive to members to join the contests, but I have no right to ask them for any assistance whatsoever. It would need to be of their own volition to participate in what I am trying to accomplish to increase the popularity of Pick Monitor. Somewhat off topic, but related to prizes, after some contemplation, I decided to limit the number of contestants to 10 per contest to avoid possible saturation of selections. Even though the total points (TP) tie breaker works, it would be best to minimize the number of players to 10. Now if interest began to increase exponentially, we could then look at opening additional contest cards of 10 entrants each for the same week.
  • Personal Goals: Not much to say here. I enjoy operating pools, contests, etc. and gain a sense of fulfillment spectating, updating, and awarding the winner. If I could do this for a living, I would, hook, line, and sinker. I enjoy this type of stuff that much.

If the owner(s) have any issues as it relates to legality of a member operating these contests and awarding prize money to the winner, do not fret. I have done my due diligence as it relates to prize money being awarded to members of a forum or non-sportsbook related websites. What I am doing is not considered sports gambling, or gambling at all. Why? I am operating a contest with free entry and awarding my own money to the winner. This is all legal and on the up & up.

I trust the information provided above relays the background and context to the contests I am trying to implement once again. The rules, selection card, and link to the scorecard will be displayed in a separate forum post on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 (tomorrow) for week 2 (NFL). Remember, I am only accepting 10 players, of which 6 spots are already reserved for those who participated in last week's contest, so 4 spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis by the time of the tickets submitted on the thread. Number 5 and beyond will be excluded from the contest.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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