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Hey guys,

Been a while! As most of you have seen, David has taken over as our ambassador / community manager / youtuber. If you have not tuned into the YouTube channel, PLEASE go subscribe today!! He works really hard to produce quality content and brings a ton of energy to promote the standout performers in the Pick Monitor community.

Anyway, I wanted to update you on the 2 hour maintenance screen that some of you saw. We have improved the data feed once more. We will end up having the perfect system I promise ;). Here are the key features that may be of interest and how they will benefit you:

  1. We've added Volleyball & Rugby. Shoutout to all the Aussies for your patience.
  2. Our latest improvement will update the lines to up to 3x faster! The delay between the book and us is now under a minute (it used to be up to 3).
  3. You will also find more options in Tennis. Offering team totals, o/u and spreads on almost every matchup

For my tech gurus, we have migrated the database to AWS RDS so the data is totally isolated from the server. In layman's terms, it means that :

  1. The data is duplicated in case of failure and backed up daily
  2. Isolated from the server
  3. Scale depending on demand. If you ever felt the website was operating a bit slow during peak hours, it will now be greatly improved
  4. In case of failure, we can resync everything in seconds with the book.

I also separated the grading tasks from the server and our new grading verification system will prevent any picks from not being graded within minutes of us receiving the final event results.

We have many more great things in store for 2020. Don't want to spoil any surprises though.

Thank you for your support.


Hi Michael, I'm new here and really love the site so far. I want you to know that after the update today on the site now my games that already ended aren't updating in the system. they're still showing pending and they're already over. one is the Janik tennis match, and the other still showing as a running game is Liverpool . both of these games are complete but not showing and plus i can't see my full stats anymore after the update


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