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"5D lines may be too good to be true since many users report not getting their money. Careful guys."

I read the whole first page of your link and no one said they didn't get their money. Their verification process is middle of the road as far as most books go.

Almost all real criticism of 5dimes boils down to the overseas CC processors they use, who seem to often do extra charges on peoples cards. I've only deposited with BTC, and advise others to do the same.

Ive done a handful of withdrawls there in the last year and they all went well and were done within 2-3 days.

Its a great book overall, but will limit you fairly quickly these days, so using other books can be neccesary if you want to make real $.

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Michael, but what about the cases where the wrong starting time is posted? If a match starts at 11:00 AM and time posted is 11:00 PM, my guess is it will not be caught?

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Thank you Solidvalue,

I will check that out later today or tomorrow morning (crazy day here!)


For those who follow Tennis those matches. Is there any logicial reason why that would happen? Were they supposed to get matched and someone got injured or it's really random / doen't make sense to you?

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