Confessions Of A Sports Handicapper... What Is The Worst Bad Beat You Have Ever Had? 77 views

If you have gambled on sports long enough, inevitably you have had some games that you were pretty lucky to cash in on. Like taking an under in a football game and the total was 43 and they scored 35 in the first half and somehow by the grace of god, maybe the wind pushed a couple FG attempts off target and/or teams kept turning the ball over after a long drives into the redzone. But somehow some kinda of way you were able to cash your ticket on that under when the clock hit 0:00. Those are great and its always nice to feel like you dodged a bullet.

However if you have wagered on sports long enough you have also fallen victim to the other side of that coin as well. In fact I think its safe to say you can probably remember your worst bad beat even more vividly than your luckiest victory. Where you were at, what you were doing and how in your head you were already spending the money you knew was "in the bag". You may even suffer from some sort of PTSD because of it to this day! AND you probably curse the name of the guy or the team that pulled the rug out from under you every time you hear the sound of their name.

Now I would like to say that I dont want to open any old wounds for anybody, but that would be a flat out lie! Because thats exactly what Im asking you guys to do. I want you to share some war stories and give us a peek at some of your worst scars. I would like you to share with the Pick Monitor Community the baddest beat you have ever had and please spare no details. Feel free to even share personal details in your story that tie into the situation as well. The juicier the better!!!

I would like to start collecting stories and memoirs to share with others and possibly turn this into something bigger like maybe a podcast or even a book. I believe that most people can relate more to shitty occurrences than good ones and sharing stories like this can help people realize that they we are not all doomed for failure, because shit happens to everyone. Plus it might be kind of therapeutic at the same time... Anyways if you have a good story please share

If you are hesitant to share because you feel that it could hurt someone or incriminate yourself, I totally understand you can also share via email. I will honor your confidentiality if you send your story to my email and we can figure out the best way to avoid getting anyone in trouble.

Lets hear what you got!

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about 20 years back in grade 12 my friend and I each deposited $250 into an intertops account at the start of the football season. I will be the first to admit at that time my bankroll management was completely non existent but we did set a budget of $50 a game (WAY too high) which only lasted the first week before we started betting half our account on one game. Well by week 4 we were on quite a wild and very lucky winning streak and had turned the $500 into almost $4000. At this point we really went crazy betting on just about any sport we could find but luck was still in our side. We passed $5000 then 6 and 7 and 10 and up to over $15,500. Without know any better we had really been pressing our luck and we decided to press it some more. There was a monday night game that we both loved. It was Denver against Oakland and Oakland was favored at -3.We loved Oakland. We also like the total to go over 45.5. We the level of common sense most 19 year olds have we decided to play a parley for $5,500 to win $14,500 on OAKLAND-3 AND OVER 45.5 POINTS. To really magnify the insanity of this bet I was making $5.50 an hour working at a country general store at the time but non the less he had our parley bet. We decided to watch the game at Dave and Busters but a few hours before game time we both decided to watch the game separately at our own homes. I think the reality of this bet was a lot for us to handle. The nerves quickly wore off when Oakland scored on its first offensive drive and then ran a pick 6 back to go up 14-0 within the first 5 minutes. In fact once again nothing could go wrong. By the half time whistle the score read Oakland 35 and Denver 10. My phone rang the second the whistle went. It was my friend saying ok lets go watch the second half at Dave and Busters. So we met there with 3 or 4 minutes gone in the 3rd quarter. We sat in the Dave and busters large auditorium showroom that used to play monday night football and eagerly awaited the next score that would win us over $14,000. Anything would do it. A TD, a FG even a safety. We only needed half a point to win. To our horror the 3rd quarter went scoreless as did the first 10 minutes of the 4th and when denver was stopped near the 50 with under 4 minutes left we both knew what this meant. We sat there in total silence as Oakland called run after run taking the clock all the way down to 0:00. We needed half a point at half time to win and the second half went scoreless. Not a single point in an entire half of football in a game that saw 45 points in the first half which is still the 5th most scored in one half.

We quickly realized no only had we not won $14,000 but we had lost $5500. In retrospect it may have actually been the best thing for us because we didn't bet again for the next few days and when we spoke for the first time after the game we very quickly agreed to cash out everything. Our run was over. there was no topping that parley and neither of us liked how that loss made us feel. It wasn't until the cheque cleared in my account and i went there with my friend and handed him $5,000 cash that any of this became even slightly real to me.

Still to this day that is the largest bad beat i have ever taken Emotionally. Also one of the most fun football season and better runs of my life so 20 years later I wouldn't change a thing about it. No wait ....thats a lie. I would Take the $14k.


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Great story! @SHF106 Well written. That kinda shit sticks with you for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing


In 2012. I had either a 3 or 4 team teaser going needing one last team to come through, No.1 Bama. All they needed to do was win, well of course they didn’t. Julio Jones if I’m not mistaken doesn’t complete a catch as the final seconds of the game draw near that was all she wrote. From potentially winning 1,000 to losing about 1,400 was my fate. Did not help either that I was a bank teller at the time making a whopping 11/hr. In addition, the main culprit behind this travesty Jonny Manziel ends up being a bust in the NFL. The sad irony is that the teaser was indeed needed as Bama had very little chance in covering the spread yet the name held true as I undoubtedly was teased


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