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Hey folks, I had made a post in the past about our most recent contest. This IS NOT a contest run by Pickmonitor but I have been in touch Michael and he has even participated in this contest!! Its the real deal! We even use Pickmonitor to prevent any sort of manipulation.

You can check out our forum @ if you send a join request I'll approve ASAP.

The Past contests have all netted $1000 plus to the winner and have been 30-40 members. This one I project 100 members.. This means that prize would be over $3000 for first place!

This is the last message about payment-"'ll be sending payments shortly. The final numbers were $1056-1st, $396-2nd, and 148.50-3rd. 2 free entries are also being provided and drawing for pickmonitor subscription will be tonight or tomorrow"

The contest is simple but full rules are attached for clarity.

80-100 picks


All picks risk 1 unit MAX and no juice outside of +/-250

$55 entry (payable via PayPal, Venmo, CashAPP, Zelle, Facebook Pay,Crypto etc)

Top UNITS after 30 days takes home $$$$

Private Facebook MSGR chat for all Q/A and Contest updates, clarifications.

Feel free to find me on msgr (Ryan Hansen) or email with questions: [email protected]

** I was not able to post rules correctly and the link I have requires you to be member of SHF to see it so here are the rules.. Sorry for the long post**

SHF/HCCFall Capper Contest!!

ENTRY DONATION=$50+5USD. ($50 distributed as part of the prize package outlined and $5 will be used to fund the contest administration and future prizes for contest members)

$50 x total entries less $100 (reserved for 4-5th place entry fee) will be paid out to winners: 1st place will receive 65% of the funds, 2nd 25 % of funds, 3rd 10% of funds 4&5th will each be entered in the NEXT contest at NO COST ($50 value per entry and this is where we deducted $100 from prize pool before pay outs are established.). When we reach 100 members the payouts will expand and based on entries will pay a MAXIMUM of 10 players. The total Dollar amount of each prize will depend on the number of entries for this contest.

In Addition to the reward pool and directly related to the quality of the handicapper/contestant there will be a 3-Month Premium Subscription to provided to the winner via random drawing at the end of the contest.

Start: 12:01 AM (Eastern Time. NY, USA) 09/15/2019- 1st Picks may be entered

End: 11:59PM 10/14/2019 (Eastern Time (NY, USA)-Last picks due by 11:59pm but results may post after this time.

Requirements/GUIDES- (Support will be available and FAQ can be found in the chat)

  • All entrants must register a pick monitor account in order to participate. Your user name WILL BE GIVEN UPON PAYMENT FOR ENTRTY. (DO NOT REGISTER FOR PICKMONITOR PRIOR TO GETTING YOUR CURRENT CONTEST ID NUMBER). If you have a prior contest ID this will be the same moving forward
  • SHF AND OR HCC WILL NOT BE responsible for system outages and plays will not be entered retroactively.
  • You must make a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 100 plays beginning September 15th 2019 and ending October 14th 2019. ALL PLAYS GRADED BY PICK MONITOR. (If you see an error in grading please click the line and report the error. Pickmonitor is great at correcting lines when warranted)
  • VOIDED games WILL NOT count toward your TOTAL pick count! YOU ARE 100% responsible for you total pick count and may be asked to produce a list of voids if/when you win to validate pick count. (Games voided by pickmonitor due to pitching change, weather, etc.
  • Once results are graded for the day you are encouraged to post your results on the Sports Handicappers Forum. (Please Note, You will notice a “sales” options on Pickmonitor. Since we cannot avoid this “we” asked for the above prize to be provided. Should and members from the forum decide to purchase a membership with the like provided for referral code is: fb-shf-01 for a 15% discount. But no purchase is required to use
  • All Participants will be placed in the SHF/HCC PRIVATE CONTEST CHAT. This chat will serve as the FAQ,
  • You will not abuse Pickmonitor OR its service department. Any reports of abusive emails over a simple grading error or anything of the sort will result in you LOSING your entry, being voided from the contest and being a LOSER. We are all people and we do not associate with Losers or Keyboard warriors.

Contest updates (as available) and other IMPORTANT CONTEST BANTER official page. If there is something that is not 100% clear AFTER asking in the chat, please feel free to DM Ryan Hansen. YOU MUST HAVE FB CHAT to view results


ALL RISK MAX 1 UNIT. MAX VIG -250 to +250. Any wagers outside these limits will void contest entry. (3 total “Errors will be allowed and handled as follows. “Any line outside of the VIG or UNIT guidelines will result in a loss of the units wagered. If said pick wins, the units won will also be subtracted from results at the end of the contest. ((Example= 4 unit wager that loses will result in no further action. However, a 4 unit wager that wins will count as a loss of the wager (4units) as well as any profit))

Grading Method: Net Units PROFIT (Record DOES NOT MATTER)- ROI will be the tie breaker in the contest. (Example= 80 picks and 10 units profit will beat a 100 pick with 10 unit contestant due to ROI being higher in the event of a tie on UNITS EARNED WHICH IS THE PRIMARY GRADING METHOD.)- Please note, at 100picks UNITS will be EQUAL to ROI. If we have a tie from there we will use the date/time stamp of final pick made by each contestant and the FIRST (chronologically earliest placement- if player 1 picks at 11am and player 2 picks are 1pm the 11AM pick will win)

Please note, your payment will be $55 for this contest. Should there be any fees for the transactions you will be responsible for them. Thanks for your participation!!

!!!!!!!!!!YOU MUST MESSAGE ME TO NOTIFY ME THAT YOU ARE SENDING FUNDS!!!!! PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE: “ENTRY DONATION”. !!!!!!!!!!! Upon receipt of the message I will send the payment details for entry fee.


Ramping up here guys and gals! Just about 1 week to go and I am seeing TONS of new players here. We now have 100 active users names on PM and about half are registered in the contest. Love to have all of you in this or those who are interested in showing others the value you offer. WE pay CASH prizes for winners and I can promise, at the very least some additional interest in your page and potentially a few sale. This is NOT geared to drive your sales but I know we have a number of guys that need help (Aka dead money in the contest!) PM me if you are interested.


Thank you Michael for recent love on this contest! We are starting to see more entries come in and look forward to really making this contest great!! The current projected prizes are $1300, $500, $200 with more people signing up as we speak. I plan on pots being more like 1500-2000, 750-1000,300-500 OR MORE.. Still plenty of time (4days) to get entered. This contest starts on SUNDAY and i can barely control my excitement for more FOOTBALL!!


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