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So I have the sports betting app for Atlantis here in Reno NV, and they just added a new contest mode for the app that's pretty cool. Everyone starts out with $1000 at the beginning of the month, and whoever turns it into the most wins $2500 with the top ten getting paid out, and this is a free contest. You just flip over to contest mode and make the bets just as you would real ones.

So it got me thinking, Pickmonitor already has a private mode and a regular mode, how hard would it be to add a contest mode, with a contest mode rankings. You make bets just like you would in regular mode but it doesn't count against you regular record. How awesome would it be to have contest like that here, and to be able to follow the rankings with whoever has the most E units at the end of the month wins?


I do like the idea. My one concern is that some people will forget to switch back. Then they'll email me asking me to delete the picks cuz they were mistakes. And I won't. And then they'll cast spells upon me.


I have forgotten to switch in the past. Maybe something more than a small colored alert you are in private mode would help. Something like you see on drafts of documents that have a semi transparent "DRAFT" across them at an angle or a watermark of some type. Maybe even a different color (other than blue) or weird color pattern on the web pages so it is unmistakeable.

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Same thing could happen while switching back and forth from private mode though? It's worth the risk I think!


I like it too! great idea Reno. Sounds like fun. Are you thinking prizes or just bragging rights so to speak?


If there are prizes, it will drive traffic. Even if it's just free memberships, or gift cards.


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