Received spam tied to two Pick Monitor accounts 144 views

Did anyone else receive spam from "David Miller"? I used a personal email for this account but included a period in the email address e.g b.anned4lifitng and this is the only place where I've used that period placement. Just wondering if our information has been sold or if the site was hacked?

Ok, it appears I received two emails from David Miller to two separate email accounts tied to Pick Monitor. Would really like some transparency here, was the site hacked or was our information sold?


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I never sold any information ever. To put things in perspective, I receive on a weekly basis offers to put articles (without saying they are sponsored) to promote websites, videos, articles, etc. You never saw 1 of those and will never see. That would pay me a few hundreds of dollars per article, but doing those scummy just isn't what I'm about. I partially bought PM due to the values it adheres to and I'm proud to uphold them.

As for the database being hacked, there's never a way to know for sure. But when you get hacked, it's usually to be blackedmailed. A hacker could do some vicious damage. I'm the only one with the access to the different services and I use double auth (need an sms to unlock my different accounts). You couldn't even figure out the real IP of the server as I'm using cloudflare as a proxy.

I don't know the name David Miller, doesn't ring a bell. You can add me on Skype ([email protected]) and we can dig a little bit to see if we can figure out more info.


Michael and Banned, I apologize for bringing this up in this thread, but since you have not answered my PM from several days ago or my thread of the same topic prior to that ... perhaps you will answer my question in this thread?

When will you release the March performance Awards?


Hey custom, sry missed that message. They are usually generated a few days later, I'll look it up over the weekend (unfortunatly due to the covid, I lost every dime from PM revenue so I have to focus on contract during the work days)


Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. I'm not really sure what could have happened but I just found it odd that I received spam from the same account to two email addresses linked to PM.

I ran a search for a.lxxxx and xxx.z1989 and the only emails I found were from PM and David Miller (spam).

Oop, this is banned4lifting, I couldn't remember which email I used a.l or .z1989, sorry.

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