Defying Gravity: The Progressive Vertical Shift 680 views

A difficult task for a sports forecaster is to publicly track and display the ability to successfully generate positive returns over time. This does not mean exceeding expectations over a single restricted time parameter, but to exceed expectations on numerous occasions over an infinite and ongoing period of time.

The law of gravity can be described as; "any two bodies attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them."

In the world of sports forecasting, in my opinion, this law can be described as the tendency for graded selections to be driven toward 50% as the number of completed plays accumulate . If a forecaster is able to effectively demonstrate a progressive vertical shift and display a graphically recorded pick history representing increasingly upward evolving bell curve type results within the chronicled frame of reference, then gravity within this context can be viewed as being defied.

A good example of this is illustrated in graphical form within the profile page of SportsGenius22, located directly below the Handicapper Report Card, whose 21 month track record clearly displays ups and downs, but current profit is at its highest point. SportsGenius22 is defying gravity and therefore doing a phenomenal job to this point in time.

I have always believed the road to success in sports forecasting is to hover in the range of 50%, limit the inherent damage resulting from losing streaks, and patiently await imminent favorable streaks to occur. In doing so, the ability to achieve results such as SportsGenius22 becomes a real possibility.

Last weekend, I entered two posts on the thread "Who Is The Best Capper Here Free, Pay Or Premium Pay ?". The results of the statistics I utilized to generate a chart and graph was a pleasant surprise to me. My intentions are to update that information at the end of May 2013 to review how the data has changed once the handicappers that were represented gather an additional 3 months of recorded pick history. This should be interesting.

Thank you all for your time and may everyone have a great Saturday !!

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