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Doesn't that trend say to take all the road teams this week then. I'm curious to know why only fading the Patriots is highlighted. I was always under the impression that a trend, on the premise it will continue to yield similar long term results, is only valid if you take all the qualifying plays. If not, then the trend is being manipulated by the sports player in the sense the trend could go 3 - 1 in this particular scenario, and if only the Ravens lose, then the sports player loses out on the 3 plays that would have won. Thanks PCG.

Hi Tim, yes exactly. History says that these home teams get a little overinflated, but it is a small sample. I should have called this a "TREND" and not a "System."

Anyways, I highlighted the Patriots because it is a hint as to what my play is this week :P

As for the playing them all philosophy, I think it comes down to whatever works for you. For me, I believe in the power of passing on stuff. I actually like the Seahawks this week. Grinding them all out and not overthinking things is great, but the thing is I personally don't strictly follow systems. I try to look at all of the angles plus my own number projection on the game. Systems are probably a third of what goes into it for me. I think that if you have a good system though and that is ALL you want to follow, you're right, playing them all no questions asked isn't a bad way to skin the cat.


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