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Be careful what you wish for MarketCapper2, it isn't as easy as you think. Are you going to just grade yours, or all of them that show up. It is a lot, if you see some CFB already not grading, why is that. Telling you many bugs can happen, owner is just part time with this site with an admin, but he has a life with other stuff, its not going to manually be graded 24/7. But I agree with everyone, improvements definitely need to be made, but if you look at how many paid subscriptions there are, I don't thing the revenue is there to get them to kill themselves to grade. Maybe if more revenue flowed in, they would spend more time. Just saying if manually grading, it has to be stayed on top of all the time, different time zones on the European sports. Not sure how much time is put in to fix the grading problem, but been here forever. I know a site remodel is in the plans at some point, maybe then it will fix many problems. For now it is what it is and they will get graded eventually.


I’m suspecting that this is a burner account, but you have to understand that people aren’t going to payoff something in hopes that it will get better. If you are looking to make revenue, you have to have a working product first that will make people want to pay for it. As I stated earlier, it’s capitalism 101. You have a good site here, you really do it just needs TLC. I would pay for a membership if the picks were graded, but I’m not going to pay and then just hope it gets better. No one is going to do that.


"... but I’m not going to pay and then just hope it gets better. No one is going to do that."

Sadly, there are some who have done just that, but I agree with you... no one should.

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The site goes down on one of the busiest days, the day after Thanksgiving there is a lot of early games. Unable to get my early plays in. I know it's a free site so I probably shouldn't bitch, but it really pisses me off mainly because I use this site for the metrics and when you can't get your plays in the metrics are off.


I was watching people past post 5 unit bets on MMA every week. The fights are never going off on time and cheaters would just wait for an upset or quick KO and bet the under/underdog. So calling the site 100% reputable is not even close. I'm sure this is going on in other sports too.

I have not bothered to look to see if any of these people became business members. I reported it once and SportsDave made an A$$ out of me for doing so. If the owners don't care......Neither do I.

The real question is why would anyone pay for this site in its current state?


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