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Every once in awhile I will just write something that everyone knows about but serves as a reminder not only to myself, but others as well that are seeking to establish something great. IMO, the empire that starts from scratch is held more dear to the creator than the one handed to them for nothing. This is a short passage dealing with one of the numerous facets that I believe is required to enable one to establish success. As Sun Tzu stipulates in 'The Art of War'... "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win".

This topic refers to your starting bankroll and is largely based upon personal preference. A building is constructed from below ground to the extent that it will enable the above ground object to withstand the ever present and changing natural forces from uprooting the construct. It is highly recommended a buffer zone in relation to unit structure be established to provide a comfortable financial and stabilizing psychological environment for the player.

Implementing this feature serves to erect an invisible defensive wall around one's bankroll, and increases the likelihood of a player’s psyche to effectively withstand the impact of personally perceived bad beats and imminent negative swings, that may lead to ‘shock betting’ (defined as an expedited and thoughtless attempt to recover from short term losses), thus providing a high level of comfort and exacerbating an emotional response by the player they have ample time for gradual growth and recovery.


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