Friday Action 5 Picks From Profitable Performers On Pm 54 views

Hey guys sorry I always forget to post our videos here. I have a long list of areas to share the video and this is usually one of the last places I post because I figure you guys already know about Pick Monitor lol.
Anyways the purpose of the videos is to get the word out about Pick Monitor and the guys that deserve recognition. The picks kinda come last in terms of importance to me because I really believe in this site and the community it is comprised of. So thank you for supporting the site and our initiative to make the sports betting industry transparent. I see other groups out there boasting that they are trying to work together to beat the Sportsbooks, but it’s mostly just noble words backed by BS. We are the real ones. So if you could please help us by getting the word out and maybe subscribe, like and share the videos from our YouTube channel as well. Thank you

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