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The winner of this on site / in thread contest will be awarded a 1 Month (December 2019) All Access package compliments of Pick Monitor. A big thanks to Michael for allowing this contest to be provided to the valued members of Pick Monitor.

This contest will run on Sunday, November 24, 2019 (NFL week 12). This contest has been posted early to allow ample time to hopefully bring in as many participants as possible. If enough interest and participation is shown, I will reach out to Michael to see if we may work something out to operate this type of contest for the entire NFL season next year, and potentially for other sports as well so more inclusivity may be developed to allow additional participation for all members of Pick Monitor that are more deeply engaged with other sports.

Contest Rules:

  • Select a team from each of the 10 games (shown horizontally - ie HOU @ BAL) by listing your picks horizontally ( 1, 3, 6, and so on and so forth ) with the number that corresponds with the team you want to select versus the provided point spread on the selection card shown below.
  • The favorite is the team with the point spread directly to the right of it.
  • The final game (indicated by numbers 19 & 20) requires you to provide a prediction for total points (TP) scored in that game for tie breaking purposes.

Your completed post would look like this: 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19 - TP 44

  • All posts indicating date and time of post kick off of the first game of the contest will be considered invalid and that poster disqualified from the contest.
Good luck to all participants!


5NY Giants6Bears7.5
13Raiders314NY Jets

RenoChazz awarded 300 tokens for this post.

Let me see if I understand this right. The deadline for all selections is before the posted kickoff time of the first game on the card which for week 12 is the Buccaneers - Falcons game ?


Timothy Wynn awarded 260 tokens for this post.

Hi @BookieDestroyer. "All posts indicating date and time of post kick off of the first game of the contest" (once the first game on Sunday begins), not the card. I hope that makes things more understandable. Sometimes it is difficult to explain everything down to the nitty gritty :) Thank you for your request for more clarity, it only helps to ensure the rules are more concrete.


I would like to thank the 5 posters above for getting involved early :) Great job guys! I am hopeful other members will see, and join in the contest. I will be providing a leaderboard update after the early games, so around 4:30pm, since there are usually one or two games overlapping the late afternoon battles.

Good luck to all contestants :)


Please be advised you may continue to select and post your picks even though a message pops-up advising:

TimothyWynn is "... typing a response".

I am working on the early to late afternoon games update to the standings format only. You may continue to key and post your selection card data without interruption.


Here we go! Will go down to the Sunday nighter to determine our contest winner. Cheers to Jwinner and EppleySports who earned 7 wins and a head to head battle between each other. Thanks to all 6 Pick Monitor members who participated.

Gamestage Score Card Update (late games completed)

Edited 11/24/19 at 7:47PM by Timothy Wynn - No reason listed.

CONGRATULATIONS! to EppleySports who posted an amazing 8-2 ATS record today to take down the contest. The Score Card link above has been updated should you want to see the final results. Thanks everyone :)

Congrats. Nicely done Eppley. Statement game for the 49ers. Biggest surprise of the season IMO. Hope to get another crack at this next week.


Damn I just checked and I went 2 and 8, that's got to be the worst lol. I did just miss the total by 1 point. Thanks PM and Tim for putting this on.


I'm disappointed that only 6 people signed up for this. A contest that's FREE to enter with a reward worth $349. Risk/Reward ratio 0 to 349 not to mention access to some very sharp handicappers. I hope we get another chance to do this again. Thanks Timothy.


Thanks @BookieDestroyer, the prize was for a 1 month all access non-business package ($99) if I viewed correctly. But yes, still a $99 value for free entry. I do appreciate everyone that did decide to participate though :) Thanks again.

Edited 11/26/19 at 11:59PM by Timothy Wynn - No reason listed.


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