Grading Error & Possible Fraud...... 289 views

Decided to inspect and review the record of Tipster named "54321".

At first glance the overall results look positive with over 500 selections. After drilling down a little bit, one third (34%) of the positive units (123 of 360) are from one game only!!

I decided to review the six (6) wagers placed on this one game. What did I find? 5 of the 6 are graded correctly, but one wager, Money Line on the final game is graded incorrectly as the Final Score is not entered correctly. This gave the tipster plus 56.9 units instead of a loss of 5 units, a Net difference of 61.9 units!!!

I am left to question, who entered the score and grading?

Given this user never bet another game in this league, was the series of 6 wagers for this game on a huge underdog past posted? Was the PickMonitor feed live even though the game was over? (as we know this does happen).

I believe this should be reviewed by the Administrator.


Game: Spain ACB Basketball June 09, 2019 Zaragoza vs Barcelona

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Game has been corrected nice catch. No one "enters" the score it is provided by a feed. We are dependent an them not making errors so when it happens (esp. in lower leagues) it really sucks because it can go under the radar.

As for posting picks after a game started, it's fully fixed. That was only a tennis issue when games were starting earlier then announced.

Obviously I wished 54321 would have come forward by admitting that the graded game was a mistake like some of you do, that being said I would not go as far as calling him a fraud. The mistake is on us to grade properly. He just missed a great opportunity to showcase integrity.


Ahhh... I assumed grades were manually entered. Michael, why is this “feed” not entering KHL? Does this mean that the bettors from the site’s API you use haven’t graded or paid out hockey bettors?


Also “World- Hockey Friendlies” and “Europe- Champions Hockey League.


I'll take a look at KHL, all I can say is that I've had 5% of the issues that I had in the past.


I have no issues except with small hockey matches and ALL matches displaying without having to manually enter players (tennis only {ATP/WTA/ITF/Challengers}).


Hi, I'd just like to add I didn't realize the error. I just now noticed my units were off, and came to the forum see if something was up. Then I saw my name. If you look you'll see I bet lot of picks that day and would big overall, I was up big and I knew hit several dogs, including most of that one and some in wnba too. Even with the 60units taken back im still plus 120+ in basketball that day. I won big in real life and I had a ton of units, I don't typically, nor did I know needed to, or that it was my responsibility to monitor the monitor, if I would have noticed it I would have said something




Great investigation from one of the OG LemBanker. 54321 made his statement, I'd like us to give him the benefit of the doubt. Positive vibes, let's move on.


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