How Many People Are Really Here To Make Money? 332 views

I'm curious, who on this site is here to really make money (as in make a living) betting on sports and who is more of a casual bettor (more interest in the entertainment aspect of it)?


How's the saying go? This is the hardest way to make an easy buck or the easiest way to make a hard buck?

I got laid off in March 2018 and didnt go back to work until Feb 2020. Everything was paid for by my winnings but it was rough because I love to save and invest but wasnt able to by betting sports because who knows when the next dollar is going to come. You really have to have a bankroll to fall back on in case things go awry. When thinking back I almost went back to work July 2018 because World Cup absolutely wrecked me not just financially but mentally as well. Luckily I bet on Lozado to beat Verdejo at 12 to 1 and had a good amount on it from that point I was able to give myself that cushion. I dont believe I have even bet much Soccer since then. Its important to find what sport you are good at and go for it no holding back. For me once I looked back on everything I found fighting was the best way for me to make money and rather than stare a computer 10+ hours a day banging out 100$ units to try and make a few bucks I found concentrating my energy on one sport and raising my bet amounts would eventually work out and it did.

To do this professionally you really have to have a disciplined approach and mind. Because there are going to be days when you make a few bucks only to lose twice that amount the next day which triggers massive amounts of discouragement. Its like Footsteps Falco said his biggest fear was quicksand and you can easily find yourself sinking before you even realize how bad it actually is. There's also some type of maniacal drive/resiliency you have to possess to be successful and you also have to detach yourself from money. What i mean by that is if you have an emotional tie to your money losing it is the scariest shit in the world and winning it won't equal to the feeling of losing it. If you have that feeling then you should re-think your approach and reset your thoughts. I could go on for days writing about this but I leave you with one final thought.

I love handicapping only because to me it evens out the playing field this is one of the few endeavors I know of where you are allowed to beat yourself no outside interference is going to dictate how far you go or determine your place for you. I used to be a prominent basketball player back in HS and was a pretty good boxer in my day. But at only 5'7 and thats being generous I'm not high on the prospect list or anyone's scouting report. As for boxing it was such a dirty sport/business and I was from a town where not much happens (Corpus Christi,TX). Only 1 guy from the town actually got a shot and he fought for a world title against Omar Figueroa but that took getting promoted by Top Rank, Golden Boy, etc before he finally was able to get the shot and he only made about 50k after expenses.

Everything is going to be different for everyone it's important to find what works for you. The emotional spectrum though is what I think needs to be mastered first.

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Really serious fam. I started to get serious a year ago, after many years of joe casual betting. The time is optimal and im def using the tools that are available right here on pm business side. Everyone trying to link hmu!!!$ Afreemoor [email protected]


Out of curiosity, are you guys generally interested in signing up for picks from cappers on this site or is it mostly to track your own plays? Needless to say I'm a business member and I'm talking on some new clients but even if you were more interested in another service (there are some quality cappers on this site) what would make you want to sign up for a handicappers picks?


Hard to say where I fall. In the sense that capping is a hobby, I am not betting for the money. However, while I think I'm years from turning any consistent profit, I would not call my approach "casual" by any means. On my live roll I have zero lifetime losses after lots of turnover without grinding anything under 2.0 too often. Managing that with <50% W/L makes me hopeful about the chance to come out ahead a little in the long run.

In the sense of how I use PM, I like having info on the plays I wanted to make but wasn't confident enough about. Gives me a straightforward way to test out ideas in sports I don't know as well. Because I play indiscriminately on here I don't think I'll have any picks worth selling.


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