How Much Money Did Elvis Presley Make ? 3,092 views

Elvis Presley made millions of dollars in his lifetime. It's estimated that his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, made over $100 million off of him. Elvis Presley signed a contract that Colonel Tom Parker was to receive 50% of all monies he earned. Records, movies, concerts and whatever else the colonel could sell. Was this a good deal for Elvis?

I'm not a movie critique, but it's safe to say, not very good movies. There's not much to brag about when it comes to his song selections either. If you asked me, Elvis made a great deal when he signed that contract with Parker. Elvis Presley became a superstar because of the colonel and the colonel made a lot of money because of Elvis. They both needed each other. They were both very good at what they did.

This is where I come into the equation. If your on the first page of the rankings, my name is colonel tucker parker. If you can pick winners, I can make you millions. O.K. , I can make you hundreds. Just kidding. I'm the worst sales person on the planet. What I'm not kidding about, where are the Colonel Parker's of the "selling sport picks" business. Would you give 50% of your money to a good manager? Would you give 50% to someone when your the one picking the winners? Will the next Colonel Tom Parker please stand up.

not sayin its easy but picking winners is probably the easiest thing. Stayin in your lane (sport), being patient, money management....etc. is more difficult imo. If I could get someone to do all that, promote my product to the masses, bring customers n handle all the customer service and finances I would give them 50%. Its funny how no matter how many cheese burgers we put on the grill we never think about starting our own burger joint knowin its better then mcdonalds but get some sports picks right more then wrong and we ready to open up shop as a professional handicapper.
50% is not enough. The person that is making promotions and marketing has much higher costs than the guy picking winners. 60% aff commission is a standard minimum.

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