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Dr. Hans C. Breiter of Massachusetts General Hospital and his research team used magnetic resonance imaging to map the brain responses of 12 men while they participated in a game of chance involving winning and losing money. They found that in the gambling experiment, blood flow to the brain changed in ways similar to that seen in other experiments during an infusion of cocaine in subjects addicted to that drug and to low doses of morphine in drug-free individuals. The changes varied in accordance with money involved.

Anyway, as far as I know, no one from pickmonitor was involved in the study, so there's no need to be alarmed.

I do believe there's a part of sports betting that we are most vulnerable. Losing games you were sure you were going to win and of course the bad beat. Sometimes meaningless for the team but devastating to the human brain. This thing called tilt is always lurking around the corner. Do you have a defense mechanism that eliminates tilt? Tilt is a gamblers worst enemy. Perhaps it can't be eliminated - just minimized.


I think Tilt is really just another word for ego and each person would have there own way or ways of dealing with it or not dealing with it. I would agree with PickAddict if you are confident in your process and you are not putting yourself and your bankroll into positions where you feel the need to overcompensate/overplay/overbet by stepping outside of your established processes it should not come into play. Personally I don't place any wager that makes me nervous or would effect my adversely mood win or lose or draw this is gambling things are going to happen that no one could have foreseen and you need to take it in stride and not take it personal. The biggest factor for me in minimizing Tilt was proper money management and proper bet sizing as this allows me to not sweat single game outcomes and to take a more long term approach.

That's just my 2 cents I could be wrong

If you're a capper that caps on your gut then tilt can be a problem. If you're a math capper it isn't even part of the equation. You're math may be wrong in giving you losers, or maybe you've lost your edge, but you can't really go on tilt if you stick to your numbers.

I agree with Reno. I feel I suffer from the opposite of tilt since I am a math capper in that I see only numbers, and often times forget to question the equations, or second guess my assumptions.

Prior to becoming a Math capper, or more accurately, putting my math skills to good use, I "capped" on gut, and I dealt with tilt a lot. The tilt I would end up on actually led me to becoming a math capper, because with Math I can honestly say my gut is not involved in my plays. So Tucker, the mechanism I had was to end betting on Gut, the problem is this for me, now I see "Team A" vs "Team B", rather than really knowing who is playing. The upside is, I don't see Denver Broncos 2nd half collapse in a game that's "done" at half time, oh wait I did still succumb to that gamblers greed...:/


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