I See The New Pinnacle Link.... 506 views

does that mean all lines are pinny now? are we close? I think it's a sign that we are close. So excited for this site.


Close to a new version of pick monitor and some activity on the pm twitter some promotion for everyone............


Exactly Reno!

Pinnacle lines are coming to all the major league in the next few days. We are testing them right now to be sure that there is no problem with the odds feed.

Tennis, Soccer and Fighting are already with Pinnacle now.


Correct pinny is and amazing book however they left the usa back in the neteller days when everyone was basically forced to along with betjm/ the greek and others although heritage picked much of that business up you can use pinny via and agent but thats not easy to find

If your in the us you cant go wrong with heritage or bookmaker though

And for the winners out there pinny gave me the longest tenure of anybook every other book either limited me to where i could not even wager anymore or banned me all together

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If you live outside the usa you are doing yourself a diservice if you dont have a pinny account


I'm an American citizen who wants to use Pinny. What's the nearest country where it's legal to play? Mexico?


Is anyone here using Asian Connect. You can send me PM private if don't want to post. Curious to see if same, get paid, or ever cut off......thanks.


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