I Stopped Receiving Pick Center Emails Again Non-Member Charges 114 views

Just like the title says, I have not received any email notifications for the members I am following since yesterday, meaning I have no access to the picks without paying for them, which I will no longer do now that major sports are back.

I did not mind paying occasionally when sports were down as I understood PM was trying to recoup some losses, but there is no longer a need to charge $10 per pick now for non-business members. Getting Pick Center plays directly from the site is supposed to be the primary means of getting them, but as long as you are now charging for them, then email notices becomes my only way of getting them. So when I am not getting the emails like NOW, I have no access to the picks.

I have been a long-time member here but I would have no choice but to cancel my membership if this site suddenly becomes useless to me, which would be a shame :(


Hey Danny_H,

Just got notified of the problem you have. I just looked at the service that I use for emails and something very weird is happening on our end. I'll investigate and get back to you.

Edit: It looks like my Sendgrid account got hacked :/ I'm on the line with their support trying to resolve the problem.

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Thanks Bud and nice to see you posting again. Secondly, anything we can do about getting rid of non-member charges?



Yeah I've not been very active, just been focused a lot on other projects to make some money and pay my bills.

Follow up on the email issue, I've been in contact with their support they will get back to me in the next 24h as they analyse the situation. Basically 10s of thousands of emails fraudulent (fishing) emails were sent using their service. It's unrelated to the users within pickmonitor, they just had the access to send on my behalf and they used random mailing list so there's no breach per-say as far as the user information. Right now the emails will fall under the

As for the non-member charges I'm not 100% positive what you mean. It was always pickmonitor model to sell non-business members picks. Before it was only available by purchasing an all access pass, I just added something less expensive if you want to buy a single pick. The website was designed this way many years before I took over.

That being said, I'm starting to think to make all access between 20 and 40$/month instead of the current price. Would it be something that you (asking everyone reading this) would be willing to pay to access non-business members picks?


Michael, no I was always able to see the picks for free before because I DO have All Access, just at a grandfathered reduced price. Besides, what sense would it make to sell picks at the site and yet get the picks for free via email, which is what has been happening to me the last several months. I thought it was related to sports being down that the charges showed up, but instead it now sounds like I lost All Access on the site although I did receive the plays via email.


Michael I just sent you an email, you should see that I never stopped paying for All Access and therefore I should have never stopped seeing the picks all along.



You are correct. This is a bug as you do have all access. I'll fix this tonight and I'll make sure to make it up to you, apologies for that. I'll answer in more details tonight via email.


Thank you kind sir! Yes, the timing of when this started (right when all major sports were suspended) erroneously led me to believe it was related to that. Had I known it was simply an All Access bug, I would have spoke up sooner. Oh well, shite happens ;)


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