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Let me start by saying that I really love this Website, I have not checked lately so maybe it is not as bad out there as I remember, but from my past, I find almost everything related to gambling and handicapping and pick monitoring is very much NOT above board. This site really seems to be about chasing that dream of an honest community of gamblers making selling tracking their picks. I agree that ownership could be more present, but as long as they are committed to keeping it going keeping records safe for the long haul, then I won't be among the critics. It does leave me with some concerns about being a Business member.

I wouldn't actually buy the site, even if it was for sale because I don't know the first thing about coding or websites or getting lines, I would run it into the ground with the best of intentions, I appreciate the amount of work it takes to keep this place going. much

There are only a handful of handicappers anywhere with multiple year thousands of picks long term positive ROI, plenty of great cappers for a month or two, virtually none of the years of (transparent) tracking, and maybe that is the problem with this site, there's nothing sexy and misleading about it, they don't manipulate the numbers to sell whose on a hot MLB totals streak of 21-4. I am not sure sales here will ever be able to compete with less scrupulous, manipulative, or outright dishonest sales styles.

Because I don't know (except for occasionally when someone tells me they bought one of my picks) how often my picks are sold here, so it's hard to know if there are enough paying customers at this site to support the cost of a business membership here, I am going to try a small test, just to gauge interest, if any in my picks.

(not sure if it's ok to post this here, ill be happy to edit this out if it's not ok for the forum)

I am going to offer the full NFL SEASON of my picks for $39

Im going to add the details and a link to my Page, in the next day or two.

If any other sellers on this site would be willing to share, I would love to know how many clients can be found here. At the end of the season, I will share with the community, how the test run went, how many clients signed up with me from PickMoniter. Hopeful that will be helpful info for all.

message me any questions, or comments. Best of Luck to all those laying real money this year.



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