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I have read many expressions from Pick Monitor members advising clients come and go for varying reasons, but no real discussion or ideas on how to prevent themselves from losing their most valuable commodity that will enable their business to grow and flourish over time. My belief is, this is a business like any other, and to encourage growth, it is imperative to do everything possible to maintain the client base you already have while continuing to bring new customers on board with the hope they too will become life long clients in the future. They are paying you with their hard earned money, and they expect the best possible service you can provide, as a seller.

What does this mean other than achieving successful bottom line results?

  • It means they want readily available contact, the ability to receive your plays in a timely fashion that will enable them ample time to place the recommended wager, and a reasonable expected time frame to receive responses should they have questions pertaining to the service or otherwise.
  • It means they want consistency regarding the framework that was outlined about how the service operates before they purchased a membership. For example, if the service purports that they release between 1 and 4 plays per day, on the days they have plays, then they do not expect, nor should they receive, an inconsistent number of daily plays in relation to what the service advised them prior to their purchase.
  • It means being concise and polite when providing written content, or providing direct service over the phone.

It the end, it is the client that is directly assisting you with the financial growth of your business, so never underestimate how important each and every one of them is to your present success and future aspirations.

Have a great day everyone!


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