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I'm so sorry guys it's my mistake. I worked till midnight all days of the week due to the migration and I think that it's taking a toll on my concentration. I ran a script too quickly that graded games that were not started.

Luckily I was able to revert quickly, everything is back in order.

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Hey guys we were just testing something out with the system. We were gonna call it Fast Forward Fridays!!!... but do to poor reaction to it we decided to keep things how they were.

JK, sorry for the snafu guys


@Michael can you please correct the Real Madrid Team Total Over 2 grading? Thanks.


Picks that I submitted and were fixed yesterday and now back to being incorrect. This is getting tough.

If its possible to just have my tennis picks in general corrected or should I get back to submitting grading errors?

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Don't need to submit anything I'm doing batch script where I correct all picks submitted after midnight yesterday.


@PenaltyKick and @syjytg could you verify your picks, seems like everything is good now!


Michael, at a quick glance they look good, thanks! Will submit an error if I catch anything else


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