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Vote: Is a handicapping service more valuable if it gives out zero to one selections a day or 5 per day (say we're just talking about one b2b sports like MLB or NBA). There's no right or wrong answer. I just want to know what the general consensus is. Thanks.

I thought we had this before, but "Winners" was the answer.

Volume is not what most want, as it takes more time to get down more wagers.


Just asking what YOU would prefer. :) Less is more?

Some people do actually want more because then they run their own filters through the plays and do better that way. Other people don't want to do any handicapping or thinking of their own and just want single top plays rather than the grind. I'm not so sure that most people do not want the volume, but I may be wrong.

Volume provides the advantage of decreased volatility. Flip one coin, you win or lose. Flip tens coins you generally win 3 to 7 or lose 3 to 7.

Less picks, higher quality...i.e. More winners percentage wise, = higher ROI.

So, I prefer less volume with higher percentage of winners.

I'd rather get down 2-5 high quality bets a week, than 50 so so.

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I wouldn't consider 5 games a day, betting volume. I think most buyers are good with 1-5 games a day.
XProfitProphetX, why would you bother getting 5 from someone else, then cap 3 yourself... when you could just choose 5 or however many on your own, and narrow down by capping whatever number of games you chose to. Just seeking further clarification, IMO, this certainly wouldn't be logical from the standpoint of purchasing someone's picks.

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@XPPX: what you mean? the regular client need to know how to cap a game? then why he pay to get the service?

Neither, it is only valuable if it can differentiate the value in each play with positive results over the long run. Play A is more valuable than play B etc. Otherwise there is no proof that the system has any edge, a.k.a. knows what it's doing.
Any further questions I'll be working on my AI haha.

Which reminds me has anyone seen the movie Alan Partridge? If not you should.

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It depends on who your customers are and what they expect to get out of wagering on sports...if you have a lot of action junkies then the more plays you have the better...if you have serious players who are interested in making a profit then less plays would probably fit the bill!
I'm assuming XProfit is using the strategy of a double filter. You take the selections of a known successful handicapper after letting him do most of the dirty work finding the diamonds in the rough, then comb over those for what you believe are the premium picks. There's no guarantee of gaining better results than playing all of them, but it is assumed that all the picks have value from a successful capper to begin with. Its a common practice with stock traders who pick out their top stocks from a bigger pool of investments such as a mutual fund in hopes of coming out with a higher quality finished product. Not a bad practice, really. You're right that this raises the question," So why not just cap the games yourself?" . Well, a lot of people don't have that kind of time.

Thanks guys. I read it all. Looks split about 50/50 leaning a bit towards people preferring top selections vs. a mild flurry of them. Really great post LockSoccerPicks. A term I like to throw around is the idea of "pinwheeling" or basing your selections off of something sound.

I guess another good question would be: does a capper that bets 3-10 games a day seem less sharp / disciplined or skilled to you than someone who does 1 a day? Here at PM there is a bias towards betting fewer plays as the star rating system rewards you for taking fewer plays on average per day as per the star rating formula here. Personally, I disagree with that bias; I think that it should only be results over a long period of time that matter and not how you skinned the cat getting there really.

@Timothy Wynn, @LockSoccerPicks summed it up perfectly. I would never buy someone's picks, because I'm good enough on my own. However, @COLDTURKEY practices MMA, and is 9-0 with some +125s/+150s in there. We give each other leans and if I am on the same side, I unload. I also do this with Warren Buffet's $BRK-A. All in on $AAPL, $DIS, and $LOAN. LOL! Double filtration...

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